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    Vintage porn

    That is a lovely looking guitar!
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    Hmmm ... should I ?

    It’s a cool Epiphone for sure. Pretty reminiscent of the Special Faded...but those Special Faded’s are sweet!!! Well, mine is anyway. That one looks pretty nice.
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    Hmmm ... should I ?

    Cool guitar...4 hour round trip is a big call. But then again, it is a cool guitar...
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    Hmmm ... should I ?

    Just to clarify...I just personally like the look of the non veneer ones more. I’m not hating on the veneer ones at all.
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    Hmmm ... should I ?

    If I was to go an Epiphone SG, this would be the one I would go for personally. I love the satin type finish and I think the older Ones the wood you see is the wood it’s made from whereas I think the newer ones are a wood veneer back and front???
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    Pickup help for my first sg

    One other thing you may want to consider before you rip out your pickups is height adjustment (if you haven’t already) This is a pretty good article to get you tweaking away:
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    Bleh fuzz ...

    This might whet your appetite to stick with fuzz. These guys talk lots but get some great sounds out of gear too...they have many fuzz videos, but this one is their sort of intro to fuzz
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    NAD? Considering to move from Valvetronix to Katana

    I reckon your point about filling the sonic space is a really good one and for those who don’t play with other people playing different instruments it is worth considering when weighing up the purchase. My Katana 50 does exactly what I need it to do. I certainly don’t step on the sonic toes of...
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    Love/hate relationship with my Katana 100

    I’ve owned a Katana 50 for around 18 months and since I bought it I haven’t powered up my Vox ac15. Not because I believe it’s better or anything, it’s just that it’s lighter to take to rehearsal and gigs and the AC doesn’t have a headphone socket for me to play at home. It’s all a convenience...
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    Scorpions-Wind of Change

    Love the band (for their 70’s and early 80’s catalogue), dislike the song; a lot! Klaus Meine has a unique vocal delivery style, especially early in the Scorpions career. It was always one of the appeals to me. If you want to witness some unusual lyrics delivered in a strange kind of way...
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    NAD: Merry Christmas - Vox AC15 under the Tree!

    Congratulations. Fantastic amp. I’m sure you will enjoy it!! :dude:
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    The Boss Katana Amp Club

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    Your favorite modelling amps.......and recommendations?

    I loooove my Boss Katana 50 and gig with it no worries. This is an interesting video though and makes me think there may be another option for those in the market. I have played one but these guys seem to like it!
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    The Boss Katana Amp Club

    Cool setup. Enjoy!
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    Open Humbucker Covers

    Have these on my SG right now. Have had for most of the time ive owned it. They are open but closed so maybe different to what tou are looking at doing? No problems at all though. Just pushed them over the top of the pickup and moved on. Didnt even solder them on. They are chrome and from China...

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