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    Why are new SG Standards up in price?

    The SG vs. Les Paul comparison brings on some very interesting facts: Just four years ago the LP Standards were priced at $3399. After Henry left, Mark Agnesi made a very public deal of reducing the Standard to $2399. They drastically changed the design when they did it, eliminating the...
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    LP traditional opinions pls.

    Hi! Here is what I compare the 2018 Standard to: This is a 1974 Kalamazoo Small-Script Standard that I bought used in 1977. It has been re-fretted with medium jumbo frets by my luthier/tech, Kenny Marshall. This is a 2005 ES-335 that my lovely wife treated me to. It was delivered with...
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    LP traditional opinions pls.

    Hi! If you like the assymmetrical neck. compound radius, and the switching options of the current Tradition, consider a 2018 Standard T (Traditional). They had all these options, a gloss finish, and some really nice wood. I'll show you mine: and then point you to THIS one on reverb...
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    Live shows: How long do you take to warm up?

    Live: I might do a couple of minutes of running lead scales. I got in the habit of making the first song a slide song so that it didn't require fingers on frets, then I would switch over to fretting. Studio: Money is time is money. As long as I'm not starting with leads I'm usually expected...
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    Anyone been to Tail of the Dragon?

    I'm from the area. The Smokies were my stomping ground for twenty years. The first time I rode on it was in about 1963. I moved out of the area in 1981. My wife and I made pilgrimage there a few years back for the fun of it. 318 curves in eleven miles! It is a fun road. My brother's 1979...
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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    I am terrible at superlatives. Bob
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    How many of you have spouse/partner that feed your GAS?

    My lovely wife of forty-two years, the wife of my youth, is very supportive. I play sessions so I have to keep a few guitars. She's had a hand in most of the good ones. She's cute too! Bob
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    New Bands Don't Play Gibsons

    Give it a couple of years. The pendulum will swing back. Everybody looks around and says, "Oh, crap! I'm out of step here. Better get the in-style guitar." A little while later, "Oh, crap! I look just like everyone else. Better get a different guitar." How many times has it swung back...
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    Who is Your Favorite…

    That would be Duane Allman. Bob
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    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    I've got a G10C American Vintage 10" in my Fender Custom '68 Princeton. Great speaker. Bob
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    General recommendations about setting intonation

    My tech says that if he has to choose, he will always choose to intonate a tiny bit flat rather than sharp. Why? With pressure, a good player can pull a slightly flat string into tune. Apparently we tend to do it naturally, in fact, without any thought. However, there is no way to selectively...
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    The best “Tele on steroids” PAF style bucker?

    Gibson called it tapping for one reason or another. They actually take the output of one coil and EQ it on this guitar. Bob
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    The best “Tele on steroids” PAF style bucker?

    Weeelllll... I can't tell you about a low-output pickup that does it but I can tell you that I've got a Les Paul that sounds like the legendary Tele on steroids. However, the pickups are the hottest in my group of guitars. That is a 2018 LP Standard with Burstbucker Pro pickups. They are...
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    Anybody get a new guitar for XMAS?

    A brand new Martin OM28 Standard Reimagined from my lovely wife. We ran across it in a shop in Tennessee back in October. After I played it for a bit, my wife just looked at me and said, "How can we make this happen?" I said, "I have no idea." She thought a bit and said, "It will have to...

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