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    4 years since I retired.

    4 years since I retired.
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    The ladies

    Nope is a 2013 (S/N and Stamp)
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    The ladies

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    The ladies

    Just got my hands on a 2016 Standard P-90. I had a classic a few years ago and sold it to get some other guitar I can’t even recall today. Well it happens to be one of the guitars I have regretted get rid off. Well now the remorse are gone by adding this beautiful guitar to my collection...
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    NGD Santana SE singlecut

    Grats. Santana has been very influential to me. Can go wrong with any of his models. Enjoy.
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    NBD-Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass

    I went to the local GC and for so reason I was looking at basses instead of guitars and this bass caught my attention. I have not played bass in a long time. I started on bass back in the day, so it was a matter of time until it called me again. The Fender Aerodyne Jazz Bass called and I...
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    NGD - Some seriously cool LP. Gibson Slash Les Paul

    Kris copies the 59 Les Paul for Slash and Slash revives the Les Paul following. So I guess Gibson should thank Kris.
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    NGD - Some seriously cool LP. Gibson Slash Les Paul

    Well, I really feel lucky. This just released and I was able to get my hands on one of them. She is a beauty.
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    NAD - Mesaboogie Mark V 35

    As you guys know I have been looking and researching on the Mark V 35 for a couple of months. This amp seems to be fairly elusive to test drive as many retailers don’t carry it. But I managed to locate a local dealer, J&E Guitars in Las Vegas, and got to finally test drive one. So small and huge...
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    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35.

    I get the Bark thing now. The Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 seems to be different to its predecessors because instead of 6L6s it actually uses EL84s. I guess I need to try it because I have not gotten anything bad but the cost of replacing all the glass when the time comes. I need to get hands on it...
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    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35.

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    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35.

    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35 Combo...Go.
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    PRS MT 15 amp head

    Love the MT15. Sadly mine started malfunctioning after a week of use. I bought it at GC, so I returned it and got my money back. I may need to try to get other one one of this days.
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    NAD-PRS Sonzera 50

    I could not let this one pass. Bought it for $450, which I think is fairly cheap. It has some cool options like independent reverb and brightness switch for each channel. Looks great and sound amazing. It’s now my bedroom amp although is fairly loud. I am enjoying it so far. Maxon 808 on the...

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