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    I paid 950$ for a Gibson SG Faded 2005!!!

    Always liked The Who and Townshend had a Special. I got a wine red 04 new in 05 as an engagement gift, such a nice guitar to both play and look at. Changed a few cosmetic things but it's still my favourite.
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    Help needed: what is this fretboard made of?

    I'm no wood expert but from that pic it's not a million miles away from the rosewood on my 04 Special. Mine's slightly darker as i've been conditioning it recently, it has looked lighter though in the past.
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    Anyone ever experience stand damage?

    I'll hold my hand up here, I thought you lot were on about the possibility of very faint marks being made on the guitar that most people wouldn't even notice, but the damage shown on some of the pictures on here is quite drastic! Mine has been on one of these for years and it still looks fine...
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    Anyone ever experience stand damage?

    Mine lives on a stand, I like to look at it as well as play it. I've not noticed any discolouration but if it did then surely that would just help create a 'relic' effect and make it worth more? :D I do look after all my things, but ultimately through use they will pick up a few scratches and...
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    Get yer voodoo dolls out - NGD and its not an SG

    One appeal for the Tele was that it was different to the SG, pickups sound fine at the mo. I'll do a bit of reading around setting up everything else though, thanks.
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    NGD epi Burgundy sg special

    I was considering getting a black bridge and tail piece for my wine red SG. I agree, the black hardware looks great.
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    New guitar - Telecaster

    After months of nagging and trying to decide which model to go for, I took the plunge on a MIM Telecaster and it arrived on Tuesday. I had considered the American ones but one was 2x the price, the other 3 times, I couldn't really justify the extra (i've only recently bought the acoustic, the...
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    New Guy & NGD

    Nice guitar! I also agree on the covers. The gap around the humbuckers on my Special seemed HUGE, that's all gone now though and I think it looks a lot better.
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    Get yer voodoo dolls out - NGD and its not an SG

    That's lovely! If they would have done that colour in the UK i'd have had one. Just ordered a MIM black Tele.
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    My First Tele

    Looks good! A mate of mine's just got a HB Flying V, he's happy with that. I've just taken the plunge on a black Mexican Tele, i've wanted a Telecaster for some time as I think they look cool but are different enough to the SG so i'm hoping both will still get some use. I fancied the more...
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    What were the original tuners on Gibson SG Special 2003?

    Were the neck/body finishes the same on the Special as the Standard at this time? I've an 04 gloss wine red one (although think this colour was only on the Special then). Got it new as an engagement gift from the now wife. I found the receipt the other day, £475, the Tribute is now more than...
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    Your Favorite Knob....

    I'm surprised amp companies don't sell them so your guitar and amp match up. I'd try some Orange ones if they did.
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    Your Favorite Knob....

    I've speed knobs on mine, but I'd like some black top hats
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    Auction "Gibsons" - really?

    Interesting site that, thanks for the link.
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    Why The Name "Standard"?

    I don't mind 'standard' but think the choice of 'junior' is daft. It implies 3/4.