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    NGD 2017 SG Standard T

    Nice guitar !
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    A 1 month review of my 2017 SG Standard T

    Yeah I got the gamit here thin neck slim taper slim taper V that's a Dbz medium 50's Nibs no nibs etc but as I get older my left hand is starting to prefer the thicker necks .
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    The whitest SG I have ever made, none whiter.

    Well your white!
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    Because ...

    I'm always Jamming to some Freddie King . Or maybe up all night with Freddie King I got ta tell boys pokers his thing booze and ladies . heard Farner say Freddie was always forcing his band into playing poker to keep them in his debt because he toured non stop and they were always homesick...
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    Because ...

    Well ya know possibilities I mean I could start denting cracking scraping paint off and soaking dem in da wee wee and letting cure out the shed and that ought ta add a couple grand too the price tag ATLEAST on the RELICED guitar market and for another 2 k they could watch me doing the work you...
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    Tuners for SG Classic

    Are yousaying you want to change to Klusons green keys ? and not grovers?? I should have set off my Lp . like these
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    Because ...

    yeah but is that going to have a positive or negative effect on the overall tone. Because this is about the only aspect of tone we haven't covered how many guys would piss all over their guitars if it added that extra sizzle pazzaz and sustain ?
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    Replacement Tuners

    They weigh exactly 6 grams more than traditional klusons and they Look and work great on my LP Gball
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    NGD!! Les Paul Classic Goldtop!

    Congrats nice early Xmas present there . Did it come with the Locking tuners are you add? Very nice Lesters just always feel like home to me.
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    Def Leppard Bringin on the heart break tone

    Def leppard = Steve Clark cant belive yall have been talking this long without mentioning his name LOL. SHREDDY IS ON TO IT A LITTLE DIRTY FINGERS YES But mostly Duncan 59.marshal and Randall and they say he used a solid state amp on hysteria I believe.Oops chilli did mention him but he wrote...
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    FS: Vintage (1980s) Ibanez SD9

    Built like a tank nice pedal.
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    Pair of Seymour Duncan pups

    You should get pissed more often you are much more to the point.
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    I finished my dead battery simulator

    Alchemy audio sells those . he also mods proco rats with dead bat added on
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    As nice as the body is looking I might leave the pic guard off . I like my Sgj 14 everything but the bridge pup I need to swap it out .

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