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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Had a bunch of favorites but the one at the moment holding that spot is my PRS SE semi holllow. In sitting down holding it in this pic. Its a 2018 model made in South Korea just one f hole then it has binding and its light ish. Pickups are the TCI PRS Santana S.
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    Playing at Rosas in North Chicago

    Was lucky to get Johnny Burgin and Marty Binder sitting in guitar and drums for us. Can post some video soon if anyone wants. Jeff on mic for this sone then I did three on vocals and guitar ... Killing Floor and Help me then Red House.
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    Yamaha Revstar + Yamaha THR10C + noodles, brainless noodles

    The new version THR10ii ( which are really 20 watts ) are the best amps ever. Except well for the THR30ii which I might have like two or maybe three. So yeah some of us have some of them around ...
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    New player

    Congrats man! I think maybe the best teacher doing totally free stuff is justin aka You have to remember to have fun and make sure that along with drills and basic practice time you build in a bunch of fun time. Justin has some complete courses ( again free or you...
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    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    I have never switched out any gibson pickups i have 57 classic plus systems in my 2017 gibson sg hp … same as my two les pauls. Theres really no reason ha ha!
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    Chicken Shack my take with vocals etc

    This is the first song on my album "Late At Night" aka my first album. It will be out on iTunes etc eventually. Six originals and 8 covers it is what it is. Me on one guitar and two good friends on the other guitar and saxophone. Its a blues in C but sounds jazzy ish maybe the Sax player...
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    Dual yamaha thr30 ii setup

    Going to take this out soon gigging. Dual yamaha thr30 amps.
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    Hey peeps heres a song opinions appreciated

    I have 2 katana amps now the katana air and a katana 100 artist both are great. Using mostly the yamaha thr30ii though or a tube amp prs mt 15. So many good amps …
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    Custom build for Mike: SG INFERNO

    Nice work wow its killer looking!
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    Hey peeps heres a song opinions appreciated

    Have not been here a lot in last year or two been playing PRS guitars mostly. Still have my 2018 SG HP model dark blue fade. This is a moody late night thing its me on guitar and vocals.
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    First SG Project

    I admire you for jumping in and getting done what you have accomplished i am scared of trying to make a guitar its crazy complicated! I am better at buying what somebody else made ha ha! Keep the guitar think about redoing at some point if ya want but wait 30 years from now you will have that...
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    New Gibson PHONE CASES !

    I think its cool but not getting one …
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    Small amp for unleashing the Sabbath terror!

    Orange ppc 212
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    Neck relief

    I don't mind a bit of a buzz sometimes?
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    Need some help with a Cabinet Rating - What do I order?

    Orange makes a very nice 2 x 12 in well black and shockingly orange?