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    Firebird Pickups, aftermarket experiences?

    Yup, they still make them. They also make a humbucker version.
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    NSGD… It’s a Special…

    What year is it? I have a 1967 special, absolutely killer guitar, it's also the rare small neck version. I'm going to have to do some searching, I'm not even sure what's it's worth these days.
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    Firebird Pickups, aftermarket experiences?

    Seymour Duncan use to make them, not sure anymore. 🤔
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    I use an Electro Harmonix Hum Debugger.
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    Mine is a 2019, a bit different than to 2022's.
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    Bought a Sabra cadabra pedal…it sucks!

    I had one too and sold it pretty quick. Try the Friedman BE-OD pedal, that thing kicks butt!
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    They Say They Go In Three's.....Here's Number two.

    R.I.P. Ric.
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    The Les Paul thread

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    Hum-cancelling P90 options

    Try one of these and no, it is NOT a noise gate.
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    Post your Gibson SG’s!

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    Ouch! :facepalm:
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    Is there any way we could recruit new mods?

    I was a mod here and eventually became administrator, I had access to every thing. I thought all the mods did a very good job at keeping ETSG clean and tidy, that was until Alex took over and turned into a shithole.
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    R.I.P. Lonnie.... Had the pleasure of knowing him.
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    My Amazing Mod To My SG!

    No more nose dive for that SG.