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    My 2018 for a 2011 - make sense?

    My first SG was a 2011 standard limited I got for my 18th bday (what a day!) and it’s honestly one of the best SGs I’ve played Neck’s nice and chunky and after a while (and with a drop of lemon oil) the maple board darkens quite a lot. Whether baked maple has any effect on tone is up for debate...
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    Maestro Tuning Stability and Tone

    Hi! As a project last year I ‘converted’ a black SG standard into a sort of poor man’s custom. Swapped all the hardware for gold, put witch hats on it and swapped for P90s I’ve been thinking I want to put a gold maestro tailpiece on it to finish it off I’m not planning on actually using the...
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    Newest Youtube Cover - Joe Bonamassa

    Hey guy, here’s my newest Youtube vid of a cover of Bridge to Better Days by Joe Bonamassa! Just getting the hand of videoing so having a go at a few test clips like these, going to be upgrading my set up soon, just trying to master the basic so any feedback welcome! Thanks! Dave
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    SG’s do not sound thin

    Definitely not thin sounding at all! There's slightly less bottom end than something like a Les Paul but especially in a mix, that slight bass cut actually sits it really well in a mix and lets the mids stand out properly. To me (though I do love them too) a Les Paul is like an SG with a cold.
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    Swapping from Humbuckers to P90s

    Cheers for that mate! Off to band practise to try this bad boy out but will post some gut shots later
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    Swapping from Humbuckers to P90s

    Yeah I'll put one up after work tonight, tbh didn't actually need that much routing out - batwing pickguard so there was quite a lot of space in the cavity anyway. Just needed two corners doing for each pickup! No mate just ordinary CTS 500k pots
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    Swapping from Humbuckers to P90s

    Hi mate, cheers for the reply but I've already routed it out for P90s! Thanks
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    Swapping from Humbuckers to P90s

    Hi! After years of putting it off, I've finally gotten round to learning how to solder and do my own wiring. Yesterday (after a lot of swearing, frustration and burnt fingers haha) I swapped out a tone pot in one of my SGs and now I'm gonna have a crack at doing a pickup swap to P90s. I've done...
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    Removing 2 Frets from SG

    Hi, I've got a 2015 (I think) Gibson SG 60's Tribute. Absolutely love this guitar's body shape as it's got the proper 60's style bevelling and body shape but the only thing I hate about it is the 24 frets. It just looks strange to me and they never get used. So I was looking at potentially...
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    Thinking of upgrading my attenuator

    Hi! I’ve got a Palmer attenuator I’m thinking of upgrading for 2 reasons mainly, I want to be able to switch between 8 & 16ohms, and also because I’m finding it doesn’t seem to have as much volume reduction as I thought. My main amp is a Marshall JMP100 which I know is a very loud amp, but even...
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    String Tension

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me with my vastly varying string tension across a couple of my SGs. I have 2 SG standards and a 60s Tribute, all set up with very similar action and neck relief, with 10 gauge strings. The 2 standards are very similar, just the right amount of tension but...
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    Cabinet Tester

    Hi, hust wondering if there is any other way of checking a cab and speaker cable are working without having to plug an amp in? Like something to test the load? Just because I’m in the situation where I’m often using house cabs/ sharing with other bands and I’ve just had an amp blow after using...
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    Truss Rod Problem on New SG

    Hi, just wanted to see how common a problem this is. I've got a fairly new SG standard, and having changed string gauges up to 11-52s and done a slight re set up, it won't seem to settle at all. I get it just about right and then it seems within a week or so it needs tweaking to be playable...
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    RAINBOW...Oh the colors!

    Crap quality picture but here's my 3
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    Replacing pickups with quick connect

    Hi, on my 2 main Gibson SGs that I use live I'm looking at swapping out the pickups. They've both both the PCB circuit board with quick connect pickups, so can I wire in normal pickups with this or would I need to replace the wiring harness and pots? I did hear something about soldering...