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    SG Tribute Refinish - What Color?

    Baked maple? You mean the fretboard?
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    Maestro on an SG?

    Did you find a 2011 60’s tribute lefty in “natural” by any chance? That’s one I’ve been searching forever for. Edit: NVM I saw your other post. Nice ebony model.
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    Vector logo vibrola cover plate

    Wouldn’t engraving it after it’s been plated mean it would need to be replated?
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    Find Robbys SG

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    Injury prevention modification

    That makes sense.
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    Injury prevention modification

    Off topic question: Is the tailpiece further away from the bridge than it usually is on a Les Paul?
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    The lefty SG family and me…

    We need to get ya some crosses for 7 and 9
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    A gold top that doesn’t weigh more than my mother-in-law

    Did you put the pick holder on?
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    First post! Which SG do you like most?!

    The 2012 is my vote
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    Going to Wrap my Epiphone SG

    You might not get the angel on the right to fit, as in any part.
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    Tony Iommi Tribute SG

    My Sabbra Cadabra pedal is really fucking noisy. Seems to be a known issue with these pedals
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    Original Custom Color Vintage SGs

    Maybe a dumb question but am I wrong to assume the colors with "poly" in the title are polyurethane instead of nitro?
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    WTB 2011 SG 12-string
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    NGD: DeArmond S-73 Trans Emerald Green

    Those dearmonds are guild S-100 copy's. Fender bought Guild once upon a time and owned Dearmond as well.
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    Tony Iommi Tribute SG

    Get a P90 SG special/Jr or Les Paul Special with a Sabra Cadabra pedal for the sound of the first 3 albums. I actually use the pedal with an 2013 SG standard 57's and all that as well as my P90 SG Jr. and it gets pretty damn close either way. Vol4 and beyond the sound changes? Treble booster...