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    Biggest/best show you all have played?

    I've always been in small time bar rock bands so the most I've played for has been about 750 people. My old band went our separate ways in 2006 as everyone was getting married, having kids and digging deep into real jobs. We always say we should get together to jam at least once a year but...
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    I have a question.

    Exactly! Just don't buy a plastic strap. Buy a quality leather strap with the rough back and never think of neck dive again. It does sound like for the OP neck dive isn't an issue but rather the guitar wanting to tilt forward because the strap is on the back. I can't say I've experienced that...
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    I have a question.

    Before you go ahead and move it to the tip let's hear from others who've actually done it. I haven't personally but could foresee it creating a weak point on that horn.
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    Roller Bridge for Vibrola / Vibrato

    These bridges from GFS are a direct fit for a Nashville bridge. Just toss the base in a drawer (or garbage can).
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    Suggestions, experiences with adding Vibrato Bridge?

    Bigsby plus Towner Bar. As for tuning stability just make sure the nut and saddles are properly cut/smooth. No need for locking tuners or roller bridge in most cases. Reversible if wanted. The Towner Bar uses the existing holes and studs from your stop tail therefore being functional and nicer...
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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Favorite for over a decade is the Red 61 RI The current contender I got a few months ago
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    Hey All from New Member

    Please delete. Accidental post.
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    any SG modern owners?

    That is exactly what I'm saying. Feel free to let those fart jokes rip, there's no good reason to hold them in.
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    any SG modern owners?

    It's on a sliding scale based on several tests to blend not only actual age factors, maturity level, overall life experience and how many suits you own. Fortunately for me I don't have to take any of those tests. I still have Toys R Us receipts saved from childhood so I don't have to grow up.
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    any SG modern owners?

    I got nothing showing up.
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    any SG modern owners?

    As a long time guitar addict I've gone through over 300 guitars. My 2001 61 RI is the first guitar I ever owned that felt like the neck was carved for my hands only. I bought it used in 2010 or 2011 and it's been my baby ever since. It's one of very few guitars I feel I will never ever tire of...
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    How many of you have spouse/partner that feed your GAS?

    I have never known the joy of a relationship that supports my passions only relationships that give up on trying to discourage them. Admittedly at this point I have surpassed more than double what would be a reasonable amount but for others in my life almost all of it is an unreasonable amount...
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    any SG modern owners? Here are the 61 specs. Pickup costs aside the 57 Classic is a much better/more versatile pickup IMO. 490s are ok for some stuff I guess but nothing I play. The set in this SG Custom are very microphonic. To the point of being useless in a...
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    any SG modern owners?

    The only thing that makes the Custom come in third is having played a 61 reissue first. Lol. I just love the neck on that Red 61 RI so much that no other SG can win. Even the Black 61 RI should tie for first but it doesn't. IMO the 490 pickups are the weak link in this Custom. For months I've...

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