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    Anyone been to Tail of the Dragon?

    Took a long break from here, but have been super busy playing a buttload of shows in my hiatus. In between playing out, working, and school for my associates in science my girlfriend and I went to Tail of the Dragon in Tennessee with a local car group I’m in. Took my Focus ST there and the...
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    Biggest/best show you all have played?

    On June 7th, I’m filling in on lead for a local musician named Drew Cagle and his band The Reputation playing a show opening for Puddle of Mudd. The show had me thinking about coming back here for a visit to ask you guys, what is the best/biggest shows you all have played? Obviously that is...
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    New format?

    Rather peeved that all my old informational threads have had their pictures nuked in the upgrade, but it’s whatever :/
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    They’re a funny thing; for most, they’re a way to get from point A to point B. Judging from how much overlap there is between car culture and guitar culture though, I’m sure most of us here swing on the side of at least having a passing interest in cars, if not considering yourself a full blown...
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    Es 335 Type Guitars

    It has all stock electronics, so a 57 classic in the neck and a 57 plus in the bridge. I also replaced the nut (as the person that installed the Bigsby screwed with the Gibson bone one and made it bind) with a Tusq XL, put on a long pickguard, replaced the truss rod cover, and put single line...
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    Es 335 Type Guitars

    There’s a reason they’re so loved. My ES-335 changed the way I think about guitar so much that it affected the way I think about solos on other guitars. It’s sweet while being able to let Eric Johnson licks scream out when you really push it. In addition, when you push it through a fuzz, riding...
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    Why The Name "Standard"?

    Wait until he finds out about super strats like my Charvel...
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    Who Are You People?

    1. You would rather listen to: A) Eddie Van Halen on guitar B) Chet Atkins on guitar Answer: All of the above. 2. You A) own a dirt pedal B) do not own a dirt pedal Answer: A, I have a big pedalboard that gets me a lot of versatility from anything from ambient music to rock’n’roll. Also, fuzz...
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    1964 SG Reissue horn shapes....

    I agree it is fake. Send it to me and I will dispose of it properly. Sarcasm aside, permission to land is right. The 2000s ones were built off a standard, had the “wide” nut width, shallow bevels, etc. I know that one is real, because I’ve played hundreds of modern Gibsons, and even a few of...
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    Acceptable age to be killed by Covid 19

    Acceptable age: none.
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    Another Supro | Black Magick Reverb Kicks A**!!

    Love the Black Magicks! Incredible sounding amps. Happy new gear day :D
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    RIP Trini Lopez

    Rest in peace, Trini. What a phenomenal musician and singer. His loss is insurmountable.
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    I sold the Origin...

    They are very similar in volume. Went from a 50 1x12 to a 20 2x12, and got the same volume out of each of them.
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    Incoming NGD... Player Grade ‘63

    Might be because I use 11s. The older Maestros like a lot of tension, I’ve found. The newer ones Gibson is using are perfectly happy using 9-10s.
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    Incoming NGD... Player Grade ‘63

    It does but only barely. Stays in tune phenomenal any way you slice it, though!

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