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    1980 SG Firebrand headstock color

    As others point out, headstock was painted...too bad about that CRACK..... the ones I had of this model had a silk-screened GOLD GIBSON logo... Having owned a number of these guitars (all 1979 'The SG's) I thought they were the shizzle...and for a time I guess they were...until i picked up a...
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    1980 SG Firebrand headstock color

    whoops !
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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    FIREBIRDS ROCK BRO ! GIBSON USA's answer to the Telecaster ! I gotta Black one, and it frikkin RIPS ! MAYBE not as heavy sounding as other GIBSON's (Mini-Hummers) but the leads....ooh baby..... are Blistering !
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    New purchase

    Well, I figure the drill bit is there to show that the space is there and the drill bit is not rolling off the guitar as it should ???? IDK...BUT THINK: when and 'IF' you are not the kinda of Guy that can just shrug off a $4,000 to $6,000 purchase that MAYBE you should not have made......and it...
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    Tell Him He's Dreamin'

    NICE !!!! REALLY NICE !!! I LIKES IT !!! When you get what you want, sometimes....... price doesn't matter !!!
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    I’m Thinking About Getting Another SG!

    WOWO, looks KILLER +++ !!!! I took it for a GIBSON Custom shop axe for a second there.......I've never played an Epi G-400, not even once ! That one you posted looks like a damn good one too ! IDK, I just cant deal w/22nd fret Neck Joint 'SG's.........its a full blown phobia at this point.
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    New purchase

    WOW, too bad..FORK !..but dont settle for less than as close to perfect as possible....CUSTOM Gibson's cost as much as kidney's, FFS ! GEEZ- ZEUS,u kno? how it got out of the factory? Someone paying $4-6 Grand for one of those BAD-A$$$'s just dont deserve LESS THAN...... IMC....the 1st Les Paul...
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    Live shows: How long do you take to warm up?

    5-10 MINUTES , same routine every time.
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    New purchase

    NICE !!! The Les Paul CUSTOM, BAD TO THE BONES !!! You got a winner there, a lifetime of enjoyment and respect wherever you go with that BAD-A$$$ !!! HOT DIGGETTY DAM ! I finally got one a few years back.......waited 7 LONG years for THAT ONE with Ebony Fret-Board and CUSTOM-BUCKERS , FFS ...
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    Help Identifying Gibson SG

    TNX 4 posting this , I usually do not watch these types of video's BUT in this video the comparisons are striking........The '61 SG Standard and the '67 SG Special sound the BADDEST to me.....surprisingly, the '68 SG Custom (Hendrix?) sounded the least desirable of the bunch, altho certainly no...
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    Did I buy a fake SG?

    The DOT In-lays with a bound neck, get me every time, NICE ONE !!! still waiting to see an Ebony Board w/Dots and Bound Neck !!! I'm sure there's gotta be one out there but I aint seen one yet ! !
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    Can Anybody Identify this Vintage SG?

    IDK anyone else that liked the Harmonica bridges when they were stock equipment....
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    Les Trem II Not Playing Nice with SG Modern

    YO TUNA: The Duesenberg Les Trem II can be ordered from: ROCKINGER GUITARS GmbH Lilienthalstr.2a -D-30179 HANOVER, GERMANY PHONE: 0511-283000 E MAIL: [email protected] The above is not the manufacturer.....IDFBI, but I actually can't find that receipt....but if anyone has a 'Doozy' LT-II...
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    Les Trem II Not Playing Nice with SG Modern

    Interesting.....How long did the LT II take to do so ??? I've got a Les Paul STANDARD...with a really gorgeous CAP and I would hate to see it get ruined, especially by a frikkin $125 LT-II.......the DOOZY's been on it for 3 years....
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    Les Trem II Not Playing Nice with SG Modern

    The Doozy's are back ordered almost everywhere...BUT BUT BUT...did you try the manufacturer ? The retailers in the UK I ordered one from were always a long wait.....but the manufacturer or supplier in Hanover, Germany always came through with no hassles or long wait time.....this was...

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