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    What year Greco SG is this?

    Arrived earlier than expected. Looking forward to a deep clean this weekend and fresh strings.
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    NGD: 2022 SG Junior 1963 Reissue CME Model Inverness Green

    Congratulations lawrev! I really like that light minty green color.
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    Gibson SG Standard '61 reissue- New condition $1480 + 40 ship

    The original asking price is more than fair when researching the current market. Also, the weird thing about Gibson guitars is they always seem to only go up in price, so you're already ahead with this offer. Good luck on the sale Brian, I'm sure it will go to the right home.
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    SG for #1, Yamaha my #2?

    While I personally do not have any hands-on experience, I know that Chris Buck (YouTube Fame) is able to coax the tones I believe you're searching for out of one. Of course he sounds like himself regardless of what style guitar he plays, but for those specific tonal qualities; smokey and airy...
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    Adding a Maestro Vibrola to a Standard SG

    I wanted to do something to help balance out my special faded. The baseball bat neck with grovers does not help and it dove like crazy. I too liked the look of the vibrola plate but didn't want to modify the guitar and put additional holes in it, also didn't want to look too much like DT with...
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    What year Greco SG is this?

    Hell yeah!
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    What year Greco SG is this?

    Yes sir,... we both probably knew you better get it while you see it. They don't show up often for sale. I originally had my heart set on a white greco sg junior but it turned out to be a bogus web site that wanted only bank transfer for payment. Tucked my tail and backed away, then saw the...
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    What year Greco SG is this?

    I look forward to seeing the transformation as well! I too have been on the hunt for an early 80's greco sg in white with no luck, but recently found an Edwards E-SG-90LT2/P from 2012... I'll upload pics when it gets here next week from Japan.
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    Wanted Jaydee Iommi Old boy

    Yeah, that's a steep markup for sure. Similar to all of the news I hear on Ford Lightning's... MSRP 79k, dealer listed price 100k+ Just keep your eye out, I'm sure something will come your way and within your range.
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    What type of headstock breaks are better than others for a permanent fix?

    I always thought that the more surface area to reconnect the better chances of success,... then I saw this and said to myself I guess anything is possible.
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    Wanted Jaydee Iommi Old boy

    As you've pointed out they do not sell because smart consumers do their research and know their limits. Yet I would never expect a serious collector/player to sell me a guitar at a reduced price just because we both enjoy guitars. Everyone wants to buy low sell high in the money game, but when...
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    Is this a normal tailpiece height?

    'string energy converted to electrical energy'... it makes complete sense! Every component on the guitar operates at a given frequency. When vibrating as a whole it provides a wave value which can later be adjusted (wave-shaping, amplification). Does this 'resonate' with anyone else?
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    Can of Worms

    As many have already said there is little evidence to prove a single piece of wood resonates 'better' than a multi-piece body. Sure it's not as pleasing to look at but that's a whole different story. Cutting pieces and then changing wood grain direction when laminating removes tension in the...
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    What can I expect getting a standard in addition of my special?

    It's probably best that you try before you buy so's not to be disappointed... especially since you mentioned weight being a key factor. For me, I love surprises and I enjoy all of them for their strengths and weaknesses. I love the look of the 'custom' but it doesn't have the same weight...
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    Is this a normal tailpiece height?

    My first guess is that the SG has a larger neck angle where it meets the body forcing you to raise the bridge and tailpiece. If not then it's all about *adjustments for personal taste/playability. Personally I wrap my strings over the top of the tail to lower the overall tension on the bridge...

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