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    BZF on 2005 customshop SG?

    My guess is amber color in the clear coat gives the golden hue on the logo.
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    Newbie needing some advice

    There are a lot of "buckers" at Gibson! 😃
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    Newbie needing some advice

    Dude, Just for a point of clarification, wouldn't your USA Standard 61 have been equipped with 60s Burstbucker pickups from the factory? I thought Custombuckers were exclusive to the Custom Shop... BTW, I've put Seymour Duncans in many guitars, and they never let me down! :dude:
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    Has anyone ever created a viable alternative to the Walrus Tooth?

    Sorry, Dude. I was going to mention the teaspoon when I saw the thread title. Bigsby has several different handles. Perhaps one of them would work…
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    the holy trinity

    I’m digging the figuring on the middle one! What’s the story on it? What Duncan pickups do you have loaded in there? :dude:
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    Pelham blue SG custom

    I am partially colorblind, but that looks to me like an Inverness Green SG Custom. A beautiful guitar, regardless of the color!
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    Can you cool cats tell me about this SG?

    Someone else would be correct.
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    What year SG has your favorite carvings?

    Not a Gibson, but the carvings on the Jaydee Old Boy are about as nice as it gets (IMHO):
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    Why I’m returning my new ‘61 Reissue SG

    There’s no guarantee of getting a keeper guitar, regardless of the year/era. The best practice is (if possible) “Try before you buy.” Otherwise, you’ll always be rolling the dice.
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    1971 SG-200 I NEED THE BRIDGE!

    Kluson makes a reproduction: Kluson Harmonica Bridge
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    Gibson Deluxe tuners

    Hmm... The only options I'm seeing on that page are for buttons (single/double ring) and post height. They all require a 10mm hole for the threaded bushings. The Kluson Deluxe need an 8.8mm hole for push-in bushings. Sorry if I'm missing something, papagayo.
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    Gibson Deluxe tuners

    This would require reaming out the post holes on the headstock, as the Schaller tuners need 10mm. Not a huge deal, but I don't know if @left-on wants to do that to a brand new Custom Shop SG...
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    SG Bridge Pickup?

    @asdaven You might try using a different magnet in your existing pickup. Alnico 2,4 and an Unoriented Alnico 5 should all be warmer sounding than what you have.
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    Gibson Deluxe tuners

    It's a transition model! :dude:
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    Gibson QC is... incredible !

    You should've gotten the "Tony" version instead. They're much more consistent! 😁 Just kidding, Gary! That's a real bummer what happened in your case...

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