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    '64 SG Standard Reissue Custom Shop

    I guess it depends how much people want it. I've bought guitars as far away as Scotland and Germany, and apart from needing to tweak the truss a bit, I've never had issues. I'll just be patient. I'm not selling myself short on this one.
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    '64 SG Standard Reissue Custom Shop

    Where else can I advertise this? It's so much cheaper than others for sale on the net (only two on Reverb atm). Surely this is a bargain in U.S, UK, Aus currency? Now with Gotoh SD90-MGT-SL tuners.
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    2b or not to 2B

    Terrible news. So sad to hear this. What more can be said about this insidious disease. R.I.P Biddlin.
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    Injury prevention modification

    WTF, I just realised my palm is way back there as well, when I play sitting down. :rofl: As you were.
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    Injury prevention modification

    +1. I don't really get it. I've never seen someone play with their palm that far back. But if it worked for you, congratulations on the problem solving.
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    '64 SG Standard Reissue Custom Shop

    $5,000 NZD?
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    NGD: 1999 SG Supreme Fireburst

    That's a cool and unique SG. I love those inlays.
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    My Wife is the Best !! 2008 Diablo SG

    I hope you plan on returning the favor to the wife. Both she and the guitar, definitely keepers.
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    Which SG should I buy? (suggestions please!)

    I agree. That'd be a nice guitar, if the condition (frets, etc) was decent. Late 80's, early 90's is considered to be a decent era, quality control wise. Regarding price, try living outside the U.S... In my currency, my two SGs were both around the 6k mark, after customs, shipping, etc.
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    '64 SG Standard Reissue Custom Shop

    This guitar looks like those CME versions. I had the flash on when I took that picture above. The neck profile is my favorite feature on this guitar. It's like a R0/1960 LP at the nut, but has more gradual girth from the 12th fret upwards. Very unique to the '64 (and '65 I believe). Comfortable...
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    '64 SG Standard Reissue Custom Shop

    Bump. Offers accepted.
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    Thinking about going Kemper

    Yeah I've been thinking my largely analog rig is just better, but I've been listening to YouTube clips, and they're good enough for me. I was wondering how pinch harmonics translate also, if there's any difference there. I'll definitely need to try before I commit.
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    Thinking about going Kemper

    So what's the deal with cabinets or speakers? Can you just plug straight into it? My city is in Covid lockdown atm, so I can't go try one. My big half-stack cabinet wouldn't be needed?

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