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    Western Electric Survey for USA-made Tubes

    So, Brimar is actually manufacturing all the tubes currently listed in their catalog? I did not know their machinery was up to speed yet.
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    Western Electric Survey for USA-made Tubes

    Honoring my civic duties...: Spread the word... :cheers:
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    Belated NAD... Supro Blues King 12

    I was driving through the area and decided to pull over and see who's home at ETSG. A post and thread by Mr Logan, and at also my favorite category: Amp & Cabs, caught my attention. First of all, congrats on what I'm sure is a fine amp. The style in which you articulate and communicate your...
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    NAD - Mesaboogie Mark V 35

    Congrats on a sweet amp. The Santana is not too shabby either... :cheers:
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    If you buy one. let us know about it!

    Wow! Different and yet very beautiful... :yesway:
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    Precision Guitar Kits SG Special Project

    I know where you're going with this. You're itching to suggest the Kinman's (Zero hum): The world's greatest pickup... at least in my world, ha ha! If anybody's curiosity is piqued, the current versions of Kinman P90's are 1/8" deeper than a regular P90...
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    Precision Guitar Kits SG Special Project

    I'm guessing that the sealer/filler will reduce the amounts of Tru-Oil needed? ... :hmm:
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    Precision Guitar Kits SG Special Project

    That really is a bit weird. I'm assuming that CNC machines are used to drill the post holes. Should have been and easy adjustment to the CNC's parameters, even if PGK charged $50 for the option. But WTF do I know... :confused:
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    Precision Guitar Kits SG Special Project

    What a cool project, and it's nice to see PGK offering a more Gibson-ish style on their SG's again. Congrats... :cheers:. Good choice on the ebony overlay. I really believe this is a better material for an overlay than the old fiberboard style. On drilling your own bushing holes...: Was there...
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    NAD - Yep

    That's a helluva amp, congrats... :cheers: It's a perfect bedroom amp...
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    Yard sale find ! NAD

    "The multifilter is essentially a six-band EQ with fixed settings, where you control only how much of the signal through it gets mixed back with the main signal, sort of like a flanger's comb filter with the sweep set to zero. The frequency centers are at 1000Hz, 1370Hz, 1900Hz, 2630Hz, 3630Hz...
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    Looking for a rare ...

    Is this some photo trickery?
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    Yard sale find ! NAD

    Seriously... I used to have that amp. Somewhere between the years of '78 and '80... memory is very foggy from those times. I had it for only a short time, maybe a year... memory is very foggy from those times. I think I traded it in to buy the new Fender 75 back then... memory is very foggy from...
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    NGD! First SG!

    Congrats on a fantastic Gibson SG... :cheers:. I can honestly vouch for how nice the 50th Anniversary PT SG is. I was fortunate to add one of these to my harem 4 years ago. My original intention was to not make any changes on it, but I just couldn't help myself. It's not fair to use the word...
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    Do I need to be worried

    What I meant, if the ebony board is clean and has been properly moisturized. Feel any fret sprouts? Seems like ebony is more sensitive to shrinkage if it's allowed to dry up too much. You would feel fret sprouts on the sides, and maybe the shrinkage might have caused the finish to stretch and...

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