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    Classic vibe 50"s vs classic player 50's strat

    That tone is killer omg thanks, maybe i will get ghe 50's cv now
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    Epipphone les paul for sale

    Hello all iam selling my les paul eiphone in dirty lemmon its a limited edition color, Its brand new no scratchs, no niks no buckle rash its like new. I have to sell cause im not in to lps any more and i have a bad back, Im asking 300 or best offer buy pays shiping, i still have the box it was...
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    Classic vibe 50"s vs classic player 50's strat

    Hello all, i just ordered a classic player 50's strat from musicans friend i got it for 17 percent off so its 663 and 36 months intrest free, so they told me after i called them 3 times It has the 57/62's pickups the locking tuners soft v neck which i never played and they say its nice. and...
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    Randy Rhoads

    RIP RANDY, thats some tomb pretty cool
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    Unreal, u should have kicked him in his woodstock lol
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    Very nice im tninking about geting this pedal
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    New pickup day

    I have a squire standard strat, i dont like the stock pick ups what kind of strat do u have
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    NPD cry baby

    Its full size i like it for what i need it for :)
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    Guitars and hair.

    Don henley of the eagles looks loke bob ross hahaha in the 70's
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    Guitars and hair.

    My hair is geting pretty long its been 18 months there is no way im cuting it now lol, when it gets to a certain lenth then im gonna kep it at that length, im thinking david gilmour early pink floyd hair sorry im one ugly mofo hahah
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    NPD cry baby

    Sweet water was runing a sale 48 months lol ahahha so I picked up a cry baby Its cool built well i play the same chords just hiting the wah its all fun hahahah
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    Strat Trade?

    Keep it keep it
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    New pickup day

    Hey all i broke down and got a set of fender pure vintage 1965 pickups,i got a good deal from Amazon 89 bucks brand new im gonna have my friend put them in my strat im gonna upgrade the pots and stuff also
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    Any blues fans here?

    Yes i like the blues
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    any other trek fans out there?

    I like star trek all the tv shows

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