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  1. Banderboy

    In your opinion, what order for my gear?

    To make it easy, I'll just number the components: 1) SG 2) Noise gate 3) Looper 4) Compressor 5) Mel 9 pedal 6) Micro Cube amp- using the line out 7) Tascam DP-008EX- everything is aimed towards recording. 8) Cry baby wah This is all I have at this point in time. Thanks for any help!!! p.s. I...
  2. Banderboy

    Thinking about Fenders

    Not to buy one, just musing about how some parts of the design of the Strat are so set in stone. Like, if the strat didn't exist, and you gave a playable prototype to a string of players, and three self adhesive knobs and said:" stick these where you would want them if this was custom made for...
  3. Banderboy

    Question re: Tributes

    A lot of the 50's and 60's Tributes come sans pickguard. Did Gibson in fact release many guitars back then without pickguard? Or did they release them, and players promptly installed their own? I was just curious because I have a 60's Tribute, and it got me to "thinking" :lol:
  4. Banderboy

    Does this devise exist?

    I'm really ignorant and old, so please be gentle. A stand alone box, not midi, in which your voice notes, whistling or humming are translated into instrument voices real time. I know there was a toy that did that years ago, I'm thinking something a bit more refined. I'm not talking Frampton.:smile:
  5. Banderboy

    Picking with just thumb and forefinger

    Is there a name specific for thumb & forefinger picking aside from just "finger picking"? Thanks! :cheers:
  6. Banderboy

    Fostex x-15

    Does anyone have one of these, or had one? I remember decades ago maxing the recording level and getting a nice distortion effect out of it, but I don't know how to describe it. Anybody know what I'm talking about, and if there's a pedal that approximates that effect? I write this realizing it's...
  7. Banderboy

    Attaching strap to headstock

    Does anyone do this? I've only seen a vid of Sister Rosetta wearing her SG thus. Maybe it was a comfort thing for her, being + sized.
  8. Banderboy

    Silvertone amp-in-case

    I just recently joined, and of course have been binging on the forums and threads. Anyway, one thing lead to another, and I thought about those Silvertone amp-in-case rigs from Sears. In junior high I wanted one bad. I thought, "they have to be worth thousands now" so I went to eBay and was...
  9. Banderboy

    A tailpiece observation

    Hi all! First post. After a discussion about top wrapping elsewhere, I took a good look at my tailpiece and I saw these above the string holes, almost invisible. I guess they're factory micro-slots, just enough to keep the strings in place when top wrapping. Am I the only one who never noticed...

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