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    1990"s Burny SG VH-1s

    There were 2 versions of the VH-1. Early 80s VH-1s had vintage style braided wire. 2nd generation had plastic coated hookup wire. Totally different pickups. I’ve never heard 1st gen VH-1s, but have owned a few different Burnys with 2nd gen VH-1 and VH4s. Didn’t like any of the stock Burny...
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    Replacement bridge for 90's Burny?

    Hosco Wired ABR. Hosco is the parent company of Gotoh. Same quality, but with brass saddles. Gotoh does not offer an aftermarket bridge with brass saddles. Gotoh will also fit, if you don’t care about the saddle material. Faber also makes a metric ABR bridge. They sound different to the...
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    1990s Burny RSG-65 pickups?

    A little late, but…there were 2 versions of the VH1. What you were looking at were the 2nd versions. The 1st series had braided hookup wire like vintage PAFs.
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    Check Greco SG real or fake

    Bevels aren’t the same. Bevels are sharper on the Super Real era. That one also lacks binding on the neck.
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    Check Greco SG real or fake

    Could be a 70s model. Greco didn’t really get it right until the late 70s, early 80s with the Super Real series.
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    Good MiJ SG copies?

    The 80s Greco SS guitars are fantastic. So are the later Mint Collection. Early 80s SS600 has a stop bar/tuneomatic vs SS700/Maestro Vibrola vs SS800, which is a SG Custom copy. Later SS600s have dot inlays, but the early 80s models are ‘63(?) style with fret end binding and nitro. I quite...
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    MIJ sg suggestions

    That is a sweet SG Jr. The single pickup probably has something to do with the sustain as well. No neck pickup magnet to pull on the strings, usually means a bit more output and sustain. It's all cumulative though.
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    MIJ sg suggestions

    I own a early Bacchus BSG from their handmade line and a 90s Greco SG Special. Both were purchased for more than your budget though. I did own a late 80s Burny that was super affordable at the time. Not sure what current prices are at. It was a fantastic guitar after upgrading the electronics...

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