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  1. Decadent Dan

    Can you identify what kind of Epi Sg is this? Is this a Japan made?

    It looks like a Cardinal Red G-310 What’s the first part of the serial number?
  2. Decadent Dan

    Western Electric Survey for USA-made Tubes

    Somehow that doesn’t make it seem any less ridiculous. $750 per tube? C’mon man…
  3. Decadent Dan

    New Tuning machines on my new 1961 Les Paul SG Standard

    From what I’m finding online, the Revolutions each weigh 1 gram more (6 grams total per set) than regular Kluson. Did you actually weigh yours or what?
  4. Decadent Dan

    Anyone been to Tail of the Dragon?

    30 yrs ago in a furniture truck with air brakes. Good times. I’d go back with a motorcycle.
  5. Decadent Dan

    I have a question.

    Monkey: Modern:
  6. Decadent Dan

    Wanted: Frank Zappa Roxy SG

    “The one that got away” stories can be sad. That’s cool you found one that has “it”.
  7. Decadent Dan

    Building 1x12 Marshall box type 1931B

    Go with the measurements if you want to copy it. I would probably oversize it and close the back but that’s just me. The wood supporting the logo is also a “beam blocker”. You might want to look that up and see if it’s something you want or not. Good luck. Check out some Marshall type cab...
  8. Decadent Dan

    Help Identifying Gibson SG

    I don’t see any binding.
  9. Decadent Dan

    Help Identifying Gibson SG

    60’s SG Melody Maker or large guard SG Junior routed for humbuckers. I can’t think of anything else with dot inlays and no binding. The large guard Junior had a regular sized, 4-control cavity that (I assume) would be an easy mod to add 2 pots and a switch.
  10. Decadent Dan

    SG (Super Gonorrhea)

    “A man contracted a new antibiotic-resistant 'super gonorrhea' strain after having sex on an international trip… An Austrian man who had sex abroad caught a new strain of so-called "super gonorrhea" that is resistant to most antibiotics commonly used to treat the infection, scientists have...
  11. Decadent Dan

    Left-Handed '21 SG Tribute w/upgrades and extra parts $950 FIRM

    Looks like a one-piece body, on a Tribute, cool.
  12. Decadent Dan

    I give up on Gibson

    Victimized after waiting 90 days for a new guitar. Maybe you’re entitled to compensation? A quick glance at Sweetwater and Reverb show at least 6 new Standards that were stamped 2-3 months ago. Maybe the Euro batch is getting ready to ship?
  13. Decadent Dan

    How did you learn to play?

    Glen made it look easy. Imagine my surprise to discover that music didn’t just automatically flow from this newfound stringed thing.
  14. Decadent Dan

    everythinSG T Shirts ?

    One of many, I just used it for the design lab. I don’t know what their prices are.
  15. Decadent Dan

    First Gibson SG , 05 , pics.

  16. Decadent Dan

    HELP! 2012 Gibson SG 61 Re-Issue Worn Brown

    Your story is irrelevant to the price of a faded finish being less expensive.
  17. Decadent Dan

    HELP! 2012 Gibson SG 61 Re-Issue Worn Brown

    It’s a Faded model. They were priced lower because their finishing process was less labor intensive.

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