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  1. njpaulc

    Can you identify what kind of Epi Sg is this? Is this a Japan made?

    It was in the description on Epiphone's page for the Elitest Casino which they have since taken down
  2. njpaulc

    Can you identify what kind of Epi Sg is this? Is this a Japan made?

    Epiphone's descriprtion of the Elitest Casino and the 1965 Casino says that they were built in Epiphone's Japanese Custon Shop
  3. njpaulc

    Can you identify what kind of Epi Sg is this? Is this a Japan made?

    Epiphone . up to 2018, still had a Japanese custom shop where they made the Elitest models.
  4. njpaulc

    Biggest/best show you all have played?

    Probably The Mortuary Science Club dance at some college in Long Island. They decorated the tables with embalming fluid bottles with camdles in them.
  5. njpaulc

    Help Identifying Gibson SG

    Here's a picture of an SG Melody Maker with a large headstock. I knew there were a few.
  6. njpaulc

    Help Identifying Gibson SG

    I believe there was a period of time in the later '60's when SG Melody Makers had a large headstock.
  7. njpaulc

    Firebird Pickups, aftermarket experiences?

    Thwe story that i heard was Gibson found the mini's, put them in the Les Pauls and made the pickup rings by cutting up P90 pickup covers because the bodies were already routed for P90s
  8. njpaulc

    Firebird Pickups, aftermarket experiences?

    The Mini Humbuckers in the '69-'70 Les Pauls were Epiphone pickups. GiBson found a bunch of them as they were closing up shop in Epiphone.
  9. njpaulc

    Why doesn't Gibson offer a p90 SG that's hum cancelling in the mid position?

    So is putting hand on the strings over the pickups
  10. njpaulc

    Legit 1969 Special?

    I have an early '69, bought brand new in April '69. It was a transitional year, mine has a different heel (more like a Les Paul SG) and a typical '60's neck carve. I believe late '69's had a rounder neck. and may have grown a volute. I also have a serial number for a '55 Les Paul Jr.
  11. njpaulc

    New Bands Don't Play Gibsons

    Remember Punk, when all the bands played Jazz Masters, Jaguars, Mustangs and Mosrites because they were the cheapest used guitars you could buy.
  12. njpaulc

    Popular vibrola players, well known for vibrola use

    Andy Powell from Wishbone Ash, Mickey Jones from Man, Jeff Beck, John Cippolina, early Stephen Stills especially when he was playing a Gretsch.
  13. njpaulc

    Iommi's Monkey SG Tailpiece

    Or you could start with this one
  14. njpaulc

    My '64 Junior

    The screw itself seems longer, not that it's sticking out more. Did you try removing the screw completly? I have a '69 Special with a wrap tailpiece, and I am in the minority here because I like the Leo Quan Badass tailpiece with adjustable saddles. It's not period correct, but you're...
  15. njpaulc

    My '64 Junior

    The screw on the treble side looks a heck of a lot longer than the screw on the bass side. You can unstring the guitar, take the string mount portion off the Maestro, wrap the strings around the bridge and set the intonation that way, then put it all back together.
  16. njpaulc

    490 Pickups in my Special T...blah.

    For the longest time Gibson only made 2 pickups, the P90 and the Humbucker. Boy, they must have been real cheapskates then.
  17. njpaulc

    Period correct or not?

    The Maestro and lightning bolt bridge/tailpiece were standard equipment. Me, I'd leave it just the way it is, not bother filling holes or refinishing, and replace what needs to be be replaced with modern parts. As mentioned, the vintage parts market is way expensive, and, I believe, has some...
  18. njpaulc

    Drunken Impulse Buy: 2017 SG Special T Sunburst

    I saw one on ebay last week, similar sunburst, no pickguard and those horrible butterscotch pickup rings and pokerchip. It had the anniversary 12 fret marker. I'm glad I didn't have any tequila because "...I would have had a lot of splainin' to do...." Really nice sunburst by the way.
  19. njpaulc

    Price for 1967 SG Special

    The white pickup covers are replacements. The Grovers are a common mod because other replacements were not readily available (I know from experience) in the late '60's early '70's, and if there was any damage to the tuners they were the only game in town. The "poker chip' is also a replacement.
  20. njpaulc

    Biddlin' Foster

    I can't believe i am sitting here fighting back tears for someone i knew only on an internet forum. I am sincerely sorry for your loss

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