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  1. njpaulc

    Billy Gibbons Ultimate SG

    Has anyone posted this before?
  2. njpaulc

    A Questions of Ebay Ethics

    There's a 2009(?) SG Faded Special posted as a 1970's SG. It has an unmentioned (in description) headstock repair. The poster appears to be a pawnshop (no research, just a guess). It is good ethics to call them on it, or Caveat Emptor?
  3. njpaulc

    RIP Andy Fraser Free bass player

    May not have had enough strings, but certainly had the right shape. A classly, tastefull bass player with the best EB3 tone ever.
  4. njpaulc

    NGD Epiphone Elitest Casino

    So... I won a Guitar World/Epiphone internet contest for an Elitest Casino. The guitar came yesterday and I only played it a little, wanting it to acclimate. It is a great guitar. It came set up just like I like , almost in tune. The finish is flawless and the neck is almost identical to my...
  5. njpaulc

    Sam Andrew passed away

    Guitarist Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Co. died from complication from a heart attack he suffered last week. He was 73.
  6. njpaulc

    Norlin content

    I DVR'd the Gregg Allman All My Friends concert and have been watching it in bits and pieces. The band does "Can't Lose What You Never Had' with Jimmie Hall on vocals and Devon Allman on a cream colored Norlin SG with two humbuckers, harmonica bridge, stop tailpiece and block markers. Sounded...
  7. njpaulc

    Hey Biddlin have you seen this one on EBay

    1968 Gibson SG Special Guitar | eBay Saw this and thought of you (althought I would rather have thought of a cute redhead). I thought the tuning keys had white buttons instead of chrome ones, other than that a nice guitar.
  8. njpaulc

    Gibson EB 6

    Found this the other day. Seems Gibson made two Baritone guitars in the early '60's. One a hollow body, and one an SG . The EB6 - Baritone
  9. njpaulc

    Swamp Ash SG

    Anybody have one? I've been fascinated by these since I saw one on E-Bay.
  10. njpaulc

    Dickey Betts SG
  11. njpaulc

    SG case

    I might need a case for a guitar I just bought. Anyone familar with the RoadRunner case (first link) below? I think I know which case (secon link) the majority will recomend.
  12. njpaulc

    Spinning straw into gold

    Love they way they turn the negatives into rare features that make it collectable
  13. njpaulc

    Black Satin SG at Guitar Center

    Stopped at Guitar Center to kill some time. They had the new Black Satin finished SG Special. Nice, not a faded black, but a flat black finish, unfilled grain. Did not play it, did play a '61 reissue, and the action was so high I could have used it as a cheese slicer. This lack of even the most...
  14. njpaulc

    The Maestro tailpiece.

    I don't know. I've been going to guitar stores since 1965, and do not recall ever seeing an SG, or a Melody Maker without a Maestro tailpiece. I see far too many "'60's" SG's and Melody Makers for sale that claim to be 100% stock, with stop bar or wraparound tailpieces that don't even...
  15. njpaulc

    Sam Ash Fuzz Boxx

    I have recently discovered, due to Tommy Bolan, that these are considered "hot". I have one that I want to sell. Where, beside Craigs List and Ebay can I list this? I'm looking for an "audience" that knows the value (unlike me). I won't get that on Craig's List, and on Ebay...
  16. njpaulc

    '61 Sg's

    I was looking at Ebay and saw a '61 SG for $19,000. About 10 years ago I was on 48th St in Manhattan, at one of the now defunct small shops. The owner had an all original, no repairs, '61 SG with the side push vibrato for $3,900. that he could not give away. He said no one was interested because...
  17. njpaulc

    The "usual SG neck break"

    I'm tired of reading posts on Ebay that assume all SG's break at the headstock. I wonder, % wise, how many are affected.
  18. njpaulc

    And another "Help me find an Amp" Question.

    I'm looking for a practice amp. (It's starting to sound like an old joke, "A man is looking for a practice amp....) Any way, I'm not too particualr about the sound, it's a practice amp, I don't think I'll find one that sounds like a Marshall 1962. What I want is Volume, Bass, Treble...
  19. njpaulc

    Neck style on new Sg

    I currently own a '67 Special which I love. I would like to buy another SG and would like to have the neck as close to mine as possible. Which of the new SG's would have a neck similar to a '67? I really like the P90's, but I understand the neck on the Classic is a lttle "clubby". Will...

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