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  1. Col Mustard

    Did I buy a fake SG?

    Yep, I agree with the above. Congratulations on buying an excellent gutiar and welcome to ETSG. Rock that sucker!
  2. Col Mustard

    New & grateful member

    Welcome to ETSG! Congratulations on getting an SG24... GOOD CHOICE! Tony Iommi wanted an SG with 24 frets early in his career, but Gibson wouldn't make one for him. So he invested in luthier John Diggins and the rest is history. *laughs Gibson finally got around to making an Iommi tribute...
  3. Col Mustard

    First Gibson SG , 05 , pics.

    Yes, that guitar is stunningly lovely. And with '57 classic p'ups it is sure to sound lovely as well. No snarky comments about brown guitar ought to be allowed. *grins This one transcends any concept of color preference, and is a unique instrument that should be valued for what it is, and never...
  4. Col Mustard

    I give up on Gibson

    Well and so... I wish you well Hector. I am a fan of Gibson guitars, but really, in Europe there are other manufacturers (such as Framus) who ought to be able to fill the demand. I'm sure I don't know about all of the makers in different countries in Europe. I will verify the fact that in many...
  5. Col Mustard

    HELP! 2012 Gibson SG 61 Re-Issue Worn Brown

    someone on here will prolly take it off your hands... It's a very desirable guitar that you will truly regret selling. I hope you get enough money for it to help you get through the remorse when you don't have it any more. *Smiles... I'd buy it in a minute except that I have two fine SGs...
  6. Col Mustard

    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Do we have to pick just one favorite? In 2019 I sold off all my "vintage" guitars, all my oldest and most valuable instruments. ...for medical reasons. For medical reasons I sold my house, I sold my boat, I sold tools, guns, bike, fishing gear... anything anybody would buy. My lady who had...
  7. Col Mustard

    67 SG Standard in exceptional condition

    Welcome to ETSG Your guitar is worth whatever you can get someone to pay for it. If it's genuine and it hasn't been modded it will be worth considerable change. But only if you can find someone who's got major change to drop. Some luthiers will appraise a guitar for a fee. Sometimes you can...
  8. Col Mustard

    Help identifying SG

    That's a beauty! Lots of female musicians play SGs, I think the light weight of the instrument makes it appealing to them, because hell, I like my 3 kg SG for the same reason. Don't we all love our light weight SGs?
  9. Col Mustard

    I paid 950$ for a Gibson SG Faded 2005!!!

    WELCOME TO ETSG! He's right! The Gibson SG faded special is one of the best. Keep that one and rock that sucker. And don't let anyone steal it. Yours looks genuine from all I can see. Never mind fussing about getting a new guitar. A used SG special is a rockin' machine. The SG Standard has a...
  10. Col Mustard

    Here's a weird observation...

    my first question would be: Where's your thumb? IMHO a lot of us wrap our thumbs around the neck and play with a cramped hand. Especially those of us who are self taught. Some guitarists overcome this handicap by raw talent and perseverance. But if you keep your thumb behind the neck, your hand...
  11. Col Mustard

    Special Order Gibson sg Color?

    YES! That's the way I'd do mine if I had one. I'd be likely to install all black everything, but that's just me. Black bridge and tail, black knobs, black tuner buttons, etc etc. I just don't like red SGs too well. So the difference between one shade of red and another isn't meaningful for me...
  12. Col Mustard

    Special Order Gibson sg Color?

    I think you should just get a black one and unplug the whole issue. *grins Personally I don't care for red SGs... So I think Gibson should offer one in British racing green. Just for the fun of it. But I think the handsomest SG they've come up with recently is the SG naked.
  13. Col Mustard

    NGD! 2020 SG Special

    You got an excellent instrument... don't fuss. Enjoy what you got, so many other players get so bunged up, they come aboard here and complain that they thought they were getting a pristine guitar but there's a FLAW on it...OMG! WTF, Gibson! You can always buy somebody else's problems at your...
  14. Col Mustard

    Intonation flat on wraparound with no travel left

    follow what the good Doctor says, and use either a pigtail design which is intonatable or use this:
  15. Col Mustard

    Even good players get anal with new guitars

    If the guitar is new, that's under warranty. A new nut would solve the problem. If it was mine, and I liked the tone and the playability of the instrument, I'd take it to the best luthier I know and get a bone nut made by an expert. You could also send it back to Gibson for a new nut. The...
  16. Col Mustard

    Silver lettered pick up selector switch poker chip

    You and Dan are right, those ebony top hats are beautiful and much better than any plastic thing. I bought some, and installed them on my silver burst SG, but ended up wanting witch hats for that instrument. I put the Ebony top hats on my bass, and they go really well with the wood. If you are...
  17. Col Mustard

    Silver lettered pick up selector switch poker chip

    or drill a hole in a REAL poker chip and use that... *Grins or a silver fifty cent piece. I don't really get it about Gibson's "Rhythm/Treble" dichotomy. Maybe it's from the early days of Les Paul guitars when Gibson thought they should indicate how to use the instrument. But that was seventy...
  18. Col Mustard

    Silver lettered pick up selector switch poker chip

    How about NO lettering? The easy part of this mod is that you just go down to the hardware store and buy a stainless steel washer with a 1/2" hole. It costs less than a dollar. Now you don't have anybody telling you which pickup to use to play whatever you play. I don't like plastic things on...
  19. Col Mustard

    Why do some players hate Gibson so much?

    the OP's original question was: Why do some players hate Gibson? I'll admit that I don't know. Maybe it's because they are expensive, and players resent that. That's understandable. Maybe it's that musicians can be perfectionists. Anyone fool enough (or rich enough) to pay Gibson's top prices...
  20. Col Mustard

    Tribute rosewood fretboard comment/question.

    very true... the video I posted is old, but it's only the beginning of the story. There are more follow-up videos. I posted it because it states the problem clearly. And you are also right about what's driving the shortages: It's not guitar makers... it's the new economic muscle of the Chinese...

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