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  1. Col Mustard

    Another annoying surprise: unwanted downloads

    So this is a new feature of this website which is very annoying and even a little scary: When I click on a page number to read more in a thread... as soon as that page comes up, something jumps into my downloads. I don't know what it is, because I immediately delete it. This is a "new"...
  2. Col Mustard

    Buying new vs buying used

    I was on another thread on this site, and read a comment by one of our esteemed members who said: "Buying used guitars is not for me..." And I thought of a few things to say on this subject. So rather than de-rail a someone else's thread by going off topic, let me say this about that: IMHO...
  3. Col Mustard

    "Resource limit is reached": WTF?

    I have been getting this screen a lot lately. Am I the only one? At first I thought it was because I was using an old Mac, but I've been on this site with my newer machine and gotten the same bull taco. It's really irritating. I don't know what it means, I've never seen it before the last...
  4. Col Mustard

    double post... admins please delete

    I have been getting this screen a lot lately. Am I the only one? At first I thought it was because I was using an old Mac, but I've been on this site with my newer machine and gotten the same bull shite.
  5. Col Mustard

    after playing my SG for an hour or so

    So here's a challenge for us all... I just got done working out on my SG for more than an hour. And I set it down on the stand next to my amp with the comment: "What a great guitar." So... what's so great about it then, eh? Play yer durn SG for an hour, and then tell us about it. I took this...
  6. Col Mustard

    Epiphones are cheap junk

    It's time to slap a few cards down on the table, podners... Who ever had the brilliant idee to move Epiphone's fact'ry out of New York shoulda been keel hauled. Back in the fifties, when men were men and General Eisenhower was President the Epiphone guitar stood for something. So did the...
  7. Col Mustard

    SGs Suck

    All right, I've really had it. Especially today. The Gibson SG has got to be the stupidest design any of us has ever been saddled with. I don't know how it has managed to survive so long. It should have been consigned to the dust bin of history decades ago. Uncomfortable, ugly, clumsy...
  8. Col Mustard

    Burnin' down the house... which guitar would you rescue?

    That's always a good question on ETSG (and on other fora fer shure)... Especially if you own a lot of red guitars Like Arctic, in his recent thread about red: What if the house was on fire? Which one would you grab first, after you got the kids out safely, and your wife out safely, and the...
  9. Col Mustard

    Big Brother and the Holding Co: Summertime SG & Janis

    check it out... the best version of this that I've heard.
  10. Col Mustard

    To mod or not to mod: That is the Question

    So we were discussing this on another thread, and I thought, I'm not going to hijack someone else's thread with this, I'll start my own thread. Gather 'round, me droogies... I'll put a pitcher of beer on the table and let's talk about one of our favorite subjects. MODS and ROCKERS... Should...
  11. Col Mustard

    Empty speaker cab recommendations

    Hey, I'm ready to put together another speaker cab. Last time I did this I got great recommendations from this forum, but I can't recall the great maker who built my unfinished cab. I spent some time sifting through threads on this forum looking for the contact, but you know how that goes...
  12. Col Mustard

    Gibson SG Naked

    I had not seen these before, but I like what I see. I like both of the satin finishes offered, but prefer the Walnut. I'd have to install black P-90 covers, but otherwise what a lovely guitar! Plain and elegant at...
  13. Col Mustard

    So tell me about this SGPO

    I keep seeing peoples' sig lines with SGPO variations. But I don't know what it is.... do you, Mr. Jones?
  14. Col Mustard

    If you tune low, what pickups are best?

    ...Mods, feel free to move this thread to the pickup section if necessary... Well and so: I've seen so many posts where somebody writes in that they've got a new SG Standard or '61 RI or SG special and they think the sound is muddy. Does anyone on this site feel this way? And if so, do you...
  15. Col Mustard

    SGs Suck

    Let's call a spade a spade... It's time to expose the country's most over rated guitar. IMHO there's too much blind faith and repetition of smarmy bull-taco concerning these overpriced and under inflated Gibsons. This is the best thing to do with one. I don't know why these weird looking...
  16. Col Mustard

    replacing wiring on a semi hollow guitar

    So I know you've all been just dying to know the secret of how to get a new wiring harness into a semi hollow body guitar. It's fiddly and time consuming, but it doesn't have to be traumatic. Here are tips I got from the irreplaceable Dan Earlewine: Draw a template of the holes on your guitar...
  17. Col Mustard

    Fender and Epiphone...

    these guitars were bought about six years apart... But both of them are unique in their own way. I've been playing both of them a lot in the last eight months, and have really been enjoying each of their very cool voices. Here is Snow White, a 2006 MIM Telecaster '72 Deluxe replica, sporting a...
  18. Col Mustard

    Neck shape poll (controversy encouraged)

    all right... I've been saying for some time now that IMHO the human hand can play anything from a double bass to a mandolin with no problems. I've been suggesting that only guitarists feel like a few milimeters of wood make a huge difference. and maybe that only self taught electric...
  19. Col Mustard

    Talk to me about P-90 pickups

    'allo me Droogies... today I want to hear all of your opinionated thoughts on the venerable P-90 pickup, and the amps and f/x that you like to use with them, and I have a couple of questions to throw down. I never had any interest in P-90 pickups until I started reading posts on this forum...
  20. Col Mustard

    bookmark to our archives on the wayback machine

    Hello my friends One of our members was good enough to find our old archives on the Wayback Machine. Here is a link to the home page as it appeared before the "upgrade" occurred. At least some of the archives are still accessible. Unfortunately, the pictures do not appear in most cases...

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