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    Noisy Humbuckers

    I didn't know quite where to put this, so I figured the general SG section would do. The mods can move it if they like. Myself and at least one other have been having issues with humming guitars recently. Myself it's been with my Epi LP and Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbuckers. It's a low...
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    Epi LP, not SG, apologies, question

    I just replaced the pickups and pots on my new Epi LP and I'm getting a ground hum I can't trace. I checked all the usual things, nuked the solder joints to the pot casing with my Weller "ray gun" soldering iron, checked the bridge and everything else is grounded, which it is. It's a mild...
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    The All New Not A Real Flying V Build Thread

    I've decided to go for a 58 style Flying V, like the one that belongs / belonged to Dave Davies of The Kinks, picture below.
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    NGD - Epiphone Les Paul Standard - GC Special - Trans Blue Quiltop

    Couldn't resist a blue one to go with my blue flame top Player Tele or the matching blue flame top Player Strat. On sale today at GC at $520, 20% off while they last. So far so good - it works and nothings broken. The bridge seems a little high but I've slackened the truss rod off to the...
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    Two more homebrews taking shape

    The first is going to be the wine red, bookmatched and double bound thinline. It's getting SD Vintage Boradcaster pickups, a Mighty Mite neck (22 medium frets, rosewood on yellowed maple, TusqXL nut), Fender split shaft tuners. The pickguard has been put in place for the photo, but it won't get...
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    Clue me in about Epi Flying V pickguards and knobs

    Are all Flying Vs made with a "universal" body route, and if so could I move the knobs, switch and ouptut jack around simply beyond changing the pickguard, with a little rewiring if needed?
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    Andertons Ukraine Special Strat Raffle

    Andertons Ukraine Special Strat Raffle Special blue and yellow Strat. Proceeds go to the British Red Cross Ukraine appeal. GBP5.00 (about US$6.50) a ticket. I bought two. If I win I plan on putting it up for a charity auction for Ukraine.
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    Need to replace broken bridge ground wire....

    2015 Gibson SG Standard. My fault, I broke the original solid core wire just at the point it came out of the small hole into the control cavity. I believe the ground wire goes to the bottom of one of the bridge mounting bushings. How it's attached to the bushing I do not know. I guess I need...
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    The SG Got New Pickups - Again!

    Decided the P-Rails set didn't gel with my 2015 SG. So I've swapped them out for a SD Jazz neck, SD 59/Custom Hybrid in the bridge. 2 independent volumes (500k) , 2 tones using 500k push-pulls for coil splits. Treble bleeds fitted. Job done.
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    Please Explain the CURRENT Les Paul Range to Me

    Standard, Custom, Special, Studio.... Last Wednesday in July.... Which one is the one with the completely solid body (or at least the fewest weight relief holes) arched top, etc., i.e. the real real deal? Not interested in the Custom Shop models and really not that interested in the budget...
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    2015 SG Standard - now with P-Rails

    Just fitted my long neglected 2015 SG standard with a pair of Seymour Duncan P-Rails. I used the standard pickup rings, not the adaptor ones, and two push-pulls using the S-D wiring diagram as a basis. I swapped the volume pot connections over and didn't fit the volume pot to volume pot ground...
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    Meet Scaramanga

    Named after the baddie in the 1974 Bond Movie "The Man With the Golden Gun". Scaramanga allegedly had three nipples, the not-a-Strat has three knobs, so... My first home assembled. Fleabay no name body, pre-painted; Mighty Mike 22 fret neck with rosewood fingerboard; Seymour Duncan SSL-1...
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    Darn! Someone just gave me an idea for another Tele mod!

    Currently I've got Fender 4th generation Noiseless in the neck and bridge, 4-way switch mod. They're nice but nothing spectacular. The idea is to fit a Seymour Duncan 'lil 59 neck Tele sized humbucker in the bridge with a push-pull coil split and a Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder in the neck...
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    Just finished

    My just finished modding 202 MIM HSS Strat: MIM Strat w/ blue flame maple top from GC Locking Fender tuners Seymour Duncan "Vintage Staggered Single Coil" neck and middle pickups Seymour Duncan "59 Custom Hybrid" humbucker bridge pickup DIY push-pull coil split w/ all cloth covered wiring, Mojo...
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    Get yer voodoo dolls out - NGD and its not an SG

    My blue MIM Tele bought earlier this year and brand my new MIM Strat..
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    Given I already have a 2015 SG...

    Apart from collecting more guitars, is there any point in buying a Les Paul or a Flying V? I like the look of the string through body Vs like the originals but not the current regular ones. However, at $4800 for the Gibson version... Is the Epiphone version that bad in comparison? For a...
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    What's the closest LP under $3000 to...

    Either Kossof's 59 or Peter Green's 59 (which I believe he modded the wiring or pups or both on)?
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    Classic Albums for the Current Era

    I'll start the ball rolling with this one. I ordered it back in January, before all this hullaballoo started, while I was plugging holes in my collection of this 70s/80s acid rock / "space rock" collection, but it only arrived last week. It was originally released in 1982. How could they have...
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    Stock image for now, pics of mine later. Yamaha TRBX174EW Mango Wood 4-String Electric Bass Guitar Natural We went to another GC yesterday. They too were low on stock, but somehow the Yamaha spoke to me. I couldn't afford the used Fender Jazz Pro they had in the store, but this'll do nicely...
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    Selector Switch Labeling

    Something just occurred to me. Why do Gibson put rings round their selector switches with "Treble" and "Rhythm" on them?. Do they think their customers are too dumb to figure the switches out for themselves? Maybe it's the same reason Dodge puts the word "Fuel" on their filler caps? :D

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