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  1. Dave

    Is this a normal tailpiece height?

    I agree. The tailpeice is adjustable for this exact reason. I topwrap my guitars but it's not really necessary You cna just raise the tailpiece. The OP's tailpiece hieght looks perfectly fine. Nothing too extreme there.
  2. Dave

    What is your favorite guitar ?

    My Carvin SC90 gets used the most for gigging.
  3. Dave

    SG cases on MF SDOTD!

    With FREE Shipping. Great deal.
  4. Dave

    Pots & Caps on a 1991 SG-62

    I did not measure them but I still have them laying around somewhere. If I get a chance I'll measure them and report back.
  5. Dave

    NGD 2016 SG '61 Reissue Proprietary Ltd Edition

    SWEET! Congrats.
  6. Dave

    why don't more SGs come with hum (b) / p90 (n) combo?

    Buy a dual P90 SG and swap out either or both of the P90s for soapbar size humbuckers. There are a lot of options available today. Here's my Les Paul Special with Dimarzio soapbar humbuckers. There were a direct drop-in replacement for the stock P90s.
  7. Dave

    Pots & Caps on a 1991 SG-62

    I have a 1986 SG62. One of the tone pots started failing so I replaced the all the pots with 500K audio taper. Made a huge difference. Brightened up the tone and gave it a much more "open" sound to it. Has a much more useable range on the tone pots now. I can back off on them if I want it...
  8. Dave

    My Amps And Cabs

    VERY NICE!!!!!!
  9. Dave

    2015 SG Standard - now with P-Rails

    Very cool setup. Looks great.
  10. Dave

    Neck joint crack on a rare SG should I worry?

    Yep, looks like a finish crack to me. I wouldn't be worried about it.
  11. Dave

    Jane Wiedlin rocking her SG Jr.

    She deserves her own Gibson SG Jr model. I think that's all I've ever seen her play.
  12. Dave

    OGD! My 1993 Korina

    Very Cool. I remember when those were new. I wanted one but couldn't afford it.
  13. Dave

    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    I had Dimarzio 36th Anniversaries in my SG. The neck sounds fantastic but the Bridge sounded a little thin with the amp I was using at the time. I put in a Duncan JB at the suggestion of another member here and Love it.
  14. Dave

    NGD 1961 Les Paul SG Standard Custom Shop

    SWEET! Congrats
  15. Dave

    New pics, of NG, from old lurker

    Sweet! Congrats
  16. Dave

    NGD: 1998 Caribbean Blue Gibson SG-X

    SWEET! Congrats
  17. Dave

    NGD: 1963 SG/LP Junior

    SWEET! Congrats
  18. Dave

    SG Scale Length?

    Showing a frontal shot of the 86 vs the other two might help explain what the OP is experiencing. The 86 should have the fretboard extending onto the body a bit more posiibly giving it a shorter feeling neck.
  19. Dave

    Well - what did I do!? Tell me about this early 70s SG

    Here is a pic of the neck angle. These are not SGs but it will give you the idea. On the top pic you can see that the neck is at an angle in comparison to the body. The bottom pic shows the neck with no angle. It is parallel with the body. Yours is probably like the bottom pic and your newer 61...
  20. Dave

    Well - what did I do!? Tell me about this early 70s SG

    Take a close look at the line under the tuner. It's either a finish crack or a crack in the wood. If it's a crack in the wood I would take it back to your local guitar center and see if you can get some money back.