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  2. Rusty Chops

    Rev Willy w SG

  3. Rusty Chops

    ‘63 SG Junior

    Shown with 2019 version (in front). The ‘63 is browner, and has a bigger neck. They sound very close (‘63 gets a wound third).
  4. Rusty Chops

    How delicate is the neck joint?

    I’ve had several SG’s and never worried about the neck joint. Breaking the head off has always been more concerning to me (on mahogany-necked Gibsons). Now that I’m loving my ‘64 RI to death I wonder how true-to-vintage-warts-and-all it is? I’ve never seen a failed neck joint, but there’s a...
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    RI ‘64 SG Standard

  6. Rusty Chops

    When did you discover SG awesomeness?

    I'll admit I was a Telecaster kinda guy for a long time. But I think this year I finally discovered that an SG gives exactly what I want and need now. All I need is a bright enough amp, and those I have. I played five of my half dozen SG's this morning ( you guys have aided and abetted my...
  7. Rusty Chops! (NGD)

    Traded a Heritage archtop I had kicking around straight acrosss for this '87 refin: The top tone pot dials out the middle pickup, and the mini-switch puts the bridge pickup in either series coil; parallel coils; or front coil by itself. So no money out of pocket, and I got rid of a...
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    SG Melody Maker gets Lollar Filtertrons

    Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I scored a used SG MM for $350 out the door, and later put a Duncan Antiquities in it. Welp, I still had the Lollars I had put into an Epi G400, but then took back out and pedaled the guitar (at a profit) with some parts bin pickups I had. I got...
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    Hooray for then Red-White & Blue (+NGD)!

    You guys are trashing my finances! Walked into a friend of mine's guitar shop innocently enough yesterday to buy strings and a guitar stand (on sale). Turns out he had a consignment '91 SG Standard on the wall in terrific shape. No fret wear! Some corrosion (hey it's an oceanside town). Cool...
  10. Rusty Chops

    NGD Rusty scores used MM Gibson Melody Maker SG Grabbed a used one of these (in black) today at the local used guitar store (Starving Musician) for $350 out-the-door, no bag. Only very mild first position fret wear (marks, really). Maple body - mahogany neck in standard width and scale, small MM...
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    It's official: everybody wants me to use the SG!

    I'm in a Funk band, playing the local club wars. I've used all kinds of rigs in this band in the last two years: Strat; ES-335; Tele; jazzbox; couple different SG's: with various amps I have (my favorites are a '76 Super-Reverb; Vibro-Verb [King Amplification clone]...
  12. Rusty Chops

    Went back for the cherry Firebird

    When the GAS hit a few days ago for this particular guitar I let my left brain talk me out of it with some sour grapes attitude stuck on for good measure. But it kept calling me from my right brain! It's playable art! Plus now that it's home it sounds astoundingly great! I figured I probably...
  13. Rusty Chops

    GAS is building

    I was in my favorite shop yesterday to see if any of my consignments had sold (one had). They have a 2014 Firebird in Heritage Cherry! I'm slipping towards the brink...:naughty: Jeez. Gotta love mahogany slabs in Heritage Cherry; bright sounds; neck-through ('60's slim taper), but...
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    First gig w my 2001 '61 RI

    Well I knew it would work great just from rehearsing with it so far, but we played our first job in a couple of weeks at a private party in the backyard of a family home yesterday evening. Neck diving and all, I'm still very happy with this ax! Got all the versatile tones (I used a Roland Cube...
  15. Rusty Chops

    Turns out my 2001 Standard is a '61 Reissue

    I just couldn't get over how different the pickups sounded from the 490's on another SG I have. It wasn't just the bridge pickup that sounded different (and it sure didn't sound like a 12.5K DC resistence type 498T pickup). I'm convinced now that what I was told (last week when I scored it)...
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    Stock 2001 SG Standard pickups?

    My 2001 Standard (in the avatar) sounds a bit glassier and brighter than my 2011 faded Special wraparound, which I know has 490 series. Pretty similar sounding but the uncovered ones on Special the have less high end and a bit more grit and midrange. I do run them a bit closer to the strings on...
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    Been lurking

    I've been aware of this place for a while, but wasn't sure how dedicated a SG guy I really was until I scored a (my third SG) Standard (2011, but apparently unplayed) today! I guess after many years of playing I'm starting to gravitate more and more to SG's. I just couldn't walk away from a...