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  1. fernieite

    FS: Vintage Boss DS-1,CE-2 and Catalinbread Talisman plate reverb

    Hi guys, Selling a few great pedals. :cool: Ds-1 for $225. Ce-2 for $250, and the Talisman for $200 - US dollars. More details and photos can be found here:
  2. fernieite

    Vintage "dog ear" P90 pole piece heights?

    Hi guys, I've just acquired my first P90 equipped guitar (1963 LP SG Junior) and I was wondering how most of you have adjusted your "dog ear" 90 pole pieces? What would a good starting point be? Ie, should the high and low E be level with the plastic cover and then the rest of the screws...
  3. fernieite

    New 1963 Les Paul Junior day!

    Well, I finally did it. I've been wanting one of these for quite sometime, since playing a few in vintage stores over the years. So, yesterday I bought a very cool 1963 Les Paul Junior! (SG) I was able to sell a bit of gear this past week... Anyway, this one has pots dated the 21st week of...
  4. fernieite

    Value for 1962 sg lp junior with pro repaired headstock break?

    Hi guys, Old lurker, and new member here. I'm going to be looking at a 1962 SG les paul junior guitar that has had a pro repaired headstock break. It has no other issues that I am aware off. Everything is original and in very good shape and it has the original case. Is $2400 US way off for a...