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  1. Steve D

    I shed a tear today

    I was listening to some Van Halen in honor of Eddie and decided to grab my beautiful SG, the expensive custom shop one, and play 'Running with the Devil'. I picked it up, played the intro and then suddenly realized that I was wearing a zippered hoodie. GASP! I flipped the guitar over and...
  2. Steve D

    NGD: PRS SE P20 Parlor Acoustic Guitar

    Honestly I almost never play acoustic anymore. I have had the same old Japanese 1970s Epiphone acoustic I learned on back in the early '80s which I played the hell out of back in the day. But I haven't touched it in nearly 15 years. That corresponds to the time I got married, bought a house...
  3. Steve D

    Anybody watching Tom Bukovac's Youtube stuff?

    I had never heard of the guy but he's a Nashville session man. He's trapped at home with no work (no recording, no shows allowed) so he started doing a daily youtube video where he sits in his garage, chugs a bear and talks about life, music, stories about the music industry, and usually some...
  4. Steve D

    Iommi fans: The Custom Shop Monkey SG Video Review

    That guy Trogley bought two of the special Iommi Monkey reissues (right and left handed) and did a pretty thorough review, including taking all the parts out and that stuff. You might like this:
  5. Steve D

    What is the actual difference between a '61 reissue and a cherry red SG Standard?

    I see lots of people selling SG Standards as '61 reissues. They may not know they are standards or they may know there is a slight premium for a '61 compared to a standard and are being deceptive. Either way, they can do it because to a casual observer there is no way to know. Now I'm...
  6. Steve D

    Is this a crack in the wood or just the surface?

    I bought a "vintage" PRS (it's 30 years old which is old for PRS) for a seemingly great price and I noticed it had a big scratch on the back. I could feel that it went pretty deep into the surface but I did't see any evidence that it went into the wood. I figured it was cutting across the grain...
  7. Steve D

    NGD: 1990 PRS Custom 24 Tortoiseshell

    I cam across this being sold locally on craiglslist and it was hanging around for about a month at a good / not great price and the seller dropped the price by $500. It suddenly became a great price. It's a 10 top, which in PRS speak means it's supposedly the most spectacularly figured wood...
  8. Steve D

    Not so new NGD: 1982 "Smith Strat"

    Well, a bought a 1982 Stratocaster from a friend who needed cash fast. It's black with rosewood fretboard, my least favorite Strat look. I sold my strat a while back and have had no interest in ever having another but I knew it was a so-called "Smith Strat" and they were sort of collectible so...
  9. Steve D

    Is this neck twisted?

    The guitar plays perfectly but when I site down the neck from the top of the headstock (see image) it appears to twist a bit counterclockwise. If it is twisted will it get worse over time? What causes that? And if it does get worse, what's the remedy? Any expert help appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Steve D

    NGD: 1974 SG Standard

    I got a 1974 SG Standard delivered today. For those not familiar, the 1974 SG Standard has tarback "super humucker" pickups, a harmonica bridge, and either a bound rosewood fretboard or an unbound ebony fretboard. This one has the ebony. It's all original except for the tremolo (more on that in...
  11. Steve D

    PRS Custom 24: Question for owners / players

    Hi. I have a chance to buy a PRS Custom 24 for a sick cheap price. It's a 2011 Guitar Center exclusive where they contracted with PRS to make 100 "1985 Throwbacks". These are made to the 1985 specs, including the shorter heel, the bridge and tuners from that era, and some odd electronics with a...
  12. Steve D

    Covers better than the original

    Today I was listening to Johnny Cash's "Hurt" and it once again made me marvel how an artist could take someone else's song and make it so much greater (in my opinion, your mileage may vary). In principle the original should be the definitive version because it's the one with the greatest...
  13. Steve D

    Worst Sales Pitch Ever?

    On local Craigslist, guy decided this would put a hesitant buyer over the top: I gotta admit, that's one use for the commode that I hadn't thought of before.
  14. Steve D

    Attention Guitar-tectives! What is this?

    Hello all. I made a stop at my local Guitar Center today to buy some picks and look what was hanging in the rafters? It was far away but I took a phone snapshot just so I could zoom in on some detail. They claim it's a '64 SG Special but that seems unlikely to me. I didnt have time to wait for...
  15. Steve D

    Pink Neck Binding?

    In another thread we were discussing the how modern reissues by the custom shop prior to 2007 had a tendancy to have the "historically correct" analine dye bleed onto the neck binding, turning it pink. See a pick below of the binding on my 2006 SG historic reissue for an example of what I'm...
  16. Steve D

    NGD? Losing my mind!

    my new SG was loaded into a UPS truck a mile from my home on Friday night. They don’t deliver on weekends so it sat on a truck for two days while I waited impatiently. It’s out for delivery now and requires a signature. I have to be away from home for two hours before my wife gets back. Empty...
  17. Steve D

    Anyone have an SG3?

    In 2007 Gibson put out an oddball limited series guitar. Many say it was a "Guitar of the week" but I don't think it was, it's not listed in the archived I've found that show each of those models. There was a weird SG3 that had three single coils but this aint that. This one is the SG3 with...
  18. Steve D

    Your dream SG?

    I recently sold my old ABR-1 I found for an obscene profit and I was planning to sell my old strat and replacing it with something that gels with me better. I really just like SGs and with a little extra change rattling around in my pocket it got me thinking about what I'd buy. A couple of...
  19. Steve D

    Player's choice: Strings?

    I am curious what strings people use on their guitars and why? I'm currently using the stock strings that came on my shiny new SG and they are very slinky compared to what I've used on my strat for years. I'm bending the heck out of them because I can, which is cool, but they also seem to lack...
  20. Steve D

    Cross Post From Luthiers Corner: 1960 or earlier ABR-1 Bridge

    So I got my hands on an old ABR-1 for a couple of bucks (that's not hyperbole, it was a couple of bucks) still in the original box with a rosewood mount, no idea how old but obviously old stock. After some detective work I think it's 1960 or earlier. If any experts in the vintage gear want to...