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  1. Tom Dickinson

    Fretboard delaminated at headstock end. What to do, and 'how'?

    While I've seen this in the past, in truth, not in recent years. Honestly, not in the past 2 or 3 decades! I thought it might be a thing of the past, but I guess there's just no accounting for myriad of possibilities when it comes to : Things that can go wrong!! I recently acquired a 'MIK'...
  2. Tom Dickinson

    Building a SG 'Kit' guitar

    So I've been in this game for decades, getting my first electric guitar back around 1965! Since then, the number of guitars Ive bought and sold is literally countless. But throughout the years, the SG has remained my favorite, and for that reason I've decided to try my hand at building one...
  3. Tom Dickinson

    >HELP!! Need Nashville Bridge 'screw retainer' spring?

    Hello group, I just picked up a 'used' guitar, and in going over it I noted that I couldn't adjust the bridge properly on one string. Turns out the little 'retainer' spring..... or what ever you want to call it, is missing on that one bridge saddle. If anyone has one of these Nashville...
  4. Tom Dickinson

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    So I'm the proud new owner of a Gibson SG Junior, a guitar I've wanted to own for years! At nearly 70 years old, I decided the time had come, so I pushed the button and purchased a new one from Musician's Friend. While I can't say enough 'good things' about that company, sadly I can't do the...
  5. Tom Dickinson

    WTB: Seeking a SG Junior.

    I have been looking for a decent SG Junior for some time. Given I'm looking for a 'used' one, I don't expect perfection. But, I do want a 'good' one, as in no neck problems, and public-passable as far as cosmetics go. I'm willing to pay a fair price, but don't want to get 'gouged'. I've...
  6. Tom Dickinson

    Another 'new guy' who's really an 'old guy'!!

    Greetings to fellow forum members! As stated in the subject line, I'm a 'new guy' to this forum, but an 'old guy' in terms of years on the planet! I've been at this 'guitar' game since I was a kit, and that was over half a century ago, so I've probably got a bit of experience under my belt...