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  1. MacDiarmada

    1991 SG Special 3-knob Full Resto

    I bought this guitar brand new back in 1991, just before I left to the Army, I wasn't quite 18 years old yet. It's gone everywhere with me, all over the states, foreign countries. One day I spilled acetone on it and ruined the finish. I removed all the hardware and stripped it down to the...
  2. MacDiarmada

    NGD Gretsch G6131-MY

    The only guitar that could get me to put down my SG. It’s much lighter than I thought it would be, has a whole different unplugged sound. I have it strung just as Malcolm would have had it. Pretty cool guitar, I’m very pleased with it.
  3. MacDiarmada

    Great tone starts with a great tuner.

    Picked up this beauty from reverb. Ever since I first watched the AC/DC 1979 Highway to Hell tour Live in Paris on VHS, in the early/mid ‘80s, I’ve wanted one. There is a scene before the show where Angus is warming up and Malcolm is tuning using one of these. Amazingly accurate!
  4. MacDiarmada

    Restoration Project Help

    I am restoring my 91 3-knob special and CANNOT find a prewired kit for it. One thought was to get a kit for an Explorer or Flying V as they are also 2 pickup and 3 knob configuration. And I still might do that, but I figured I would check here to see if anybody with a 3-knob would be so...