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  1. sh944

    Let’s see some Pelham Blue SG’s

    To be fair, the reason it doesn’t see a lot of playing time is that my ‘63 SG TV sees most of my playing time, followed by my ‘62 SG Standard or my ’65 SG Standard….but you are correct, I *should* play it more. Lol
  2. sh944

    Let’s see some Pelham Blue SG’s

    I pulled this one out of the closet the other day and had forgotten how really sweet these are. This is a ‘65 Jr that was a rescue project a few years back (originally cherry with a badly broken neck) that Lou Moritz rebuilt. I’ve had it a while now and don’t play it as often as it deserves...
  3. sh944

    SG project guitar. Help needed to ID date.

    The neck joint will Tell the story. I am sure somewhere on this site you can find pictures that show each. sorry to link another site but this might help…
  4. sh944

    Badfinger rocking TWO Gibson SGs. They look like late 1960s SGs.

    Yeah, Badfinger was my primary inspiration for buying a late '64/ early '65 Standard, and darned if it doesn't come really close to mimicking the sounds on "No Matter What" and "Day After Day". It's a great guitar.
  5. sh944

    Badfinger rocking TWO Gibson SGs. They look like late 1960s SGs.

    The guitar that Pete Ham is playing in that video is the '64 Standard he got from George Harrison, and was used extensively in the Revolver album by George and also played by John Lennon on the White album by the Beatles. It's a pretty well documented guitar and sold not long ago for over $500k.
  6. sh944

    1965? SG Standard

    Here's a couple of pictures from the seller prior to my purchase, back in May. It's an early '65 as it has the 1 11/16th" nut width and pots date to 14th week of '65, but it got chrome covers on the original pick ups and a 14 degree pitch on the headstock, so it was built smack dab in the...
  7. sh944

    1965? SG Standard

    When did they start doing the stop tail piece on SG's? I would have thought a '65 would have a Lyre on it. Cool guitar regardless, the neck joint looks pretty much like the one on my '65 Standard as well.
  8. sh944

    '65 SG Jr rocks!

    Mods, feel free to move this if it should be elsewhere, but I just wanted to comment on the workmanship of Bruce Wayne and the durability of vintage SG's. I bought the Pelham Blue SG from TNT in January, thinking it would be nice to have but not really expecting it to take a place in the main...
  9. sh944

    Wahoo! '65 Pelham Blue SG Jr!

    The pickgard is three ply, I'll see if I can dig up where it was sourced from, or perhaps TNT can chime in. The strat in the background is a '95 American Deluxe Limited Edition. Its okay, but its no SG. I've always been at odds with Fender guitars, they just don't work for me. Still, a Fender...
  10. sh944

    Wahoo! '65 Pelham Blue SG Jr!

    Here's a pic in its new home, and with a few "buddies". :) Regards, ...Scott
  11. sh944

    Group shot

    Mind if I add mine to this thread? if its a problem, let me know and I'll start another thread. :) Mine, in order... '67 Standard, '62 Standard, '64 Jr, '63 TV, '65 Jr in Pelham blue, '59 LP Jr, and a '98 PRS CU-22. The other rack has Fenders, I won't bother listing those... lol
  12. sh944

    Wahoo! '65 Pelham Blue SG Jr!

    Just picked up a '65 SG Jr from TNT. I'll post pictures in a bit, altho the restoration of this guitar was well covered here already. All I want to say is "WOW!" Plays like a dream and looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks, TNT! Regards, ...Scott
  13. sh944

    1964 SG - pic and questions about electronics

    I'd suggest taking it in and having a qualified tech replace the tone pot with a Stellartone (I'm happy with the one in my SG TV), and then have him/her reassemble the original harness so that it could be swapped back in later by just reattaching the pickup leads. Since its been...
  14. sh944

    70's SG's vs 80's SG's

    I owned a few '70's SG's and was never happy with any of them, especially compared to my '60's model SG's. I only owned on '80's model SG ('85 Standard, ebony finish) and was VERY happy with it, altho I modded it with mini Schallers and Duncan pickups (that was the thing to do back then). The...
  15. sh944

    We're Logging Up The Time!

    Re: We're Log Up The Time! Okay, here's mine... I've been playing since 1980, and have always had at least one Gibson SG with me since then, except for a three week period in '82 when my first guitar ('66 Special) was stolen. I got serious about playing in bands between '82 through '87 (oh, to...
  16. sh944

    CS Historic SG Std vs. CS SG Std VOS

    I believe one other difference is that the neck/body joint is the "smooth heel design" on the VOS. Its a very nice guitar, but isn't quite 100% accurate to the original, as it doesn't have the proper tail piece for a '62. The historic version has the early neck/body joint as on the...