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  1. sh944

    Let’s see some Pelham Blue SG’s

    I pulled this one out of the closet the other day and had forgotten how really sweet these are. This is a ‘65 Jr that was a rescue project a few years back (originally cherry with a badly broken neck) that Lou Moritz rebuilt. I’ve had it a while now and don’t play it as often as it deserves...
  2. sh944

    '65 SG Jr rocks!

    Mods, feel free to move this if it should be elsewhere, but I just wanted to comment on the workmanship of Bruce Wayne and the durability of vintage SG's. I bought the Pelham Blue SG from TNT in January, thinking it would be nice to have but not really expecting it to take a place in the main...
  3. sh944

    Wahoo! '65 Pelham Blue SG Jr!

    Just picked up a '65 SG Jr from TNT. I'll post pictures in a bit, altho the restoration of this guitar was well covered here already. All I want to say is "WOW!" Plays like a dream and looks absolutely beautiful! Thanks, TNT! Regards, ...Scott