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  1. Greg Connor

    Roller Bridge for Vibrola / Vibrato

    Thanks guys, I like to keep my guitars as “stock“ as possible but I also like to get the most out of my instruments. The Roller Bridge really helped my Gretsch w/Bigsby, and I expect that my SG with Vibrato would stay in tune a little better.
  2. Greg Connor

    Roller Bridge for Vibrola / Vibrato

    I just replaced a bridge with a Roller Bridge on my Gretsch with Bigsby. Now I’m thinking about getting a Roller Bridge for my SG with vibrato. Anyone here have experience with Roller Bridges?
  3. Greg Connor

    Prices for 2013 Captain Kirk Douglas SG

    I bought a Kirk Douglas new. Was that 2013? It seems more recent than that. It’s the original burgundy with white pickguard. It’s a beautiful guitar and I don’t think I would sell it for as little as $3,000.
  4. Greg Connor

    2021 Gibson SG Standard-soft case

    The soft case is one irritant, but what really gets me is the black paint on the back of some models. Take a look at the SG Modern. Nice flame maple top and black on the back and neck.
  5. Greg Connor

    New Gibson USA Limited Edition Kirk Douglas Signature SG Custom

    I’m not much for black, but that one takes my breath away. Both guitars are absolutely stunning! I have the original Kirk Douglas released a few years ago. That one is still my favorite but I could see the green ending up at my house too. I think they might be sold out.
  6. Greg Connor

    New Acoustic Incoming! - Breedlove Organic Concert E

    I’m also a Breedlove fan. They make a nice product.
  7. Greg Connor

    ‘61 Reissue Temptation

    Great idea! I’ve thought about doing that for quite a while. It certainly would be cheaper. By the way, my SG Special is a Walnut gloss finish. The same color as the SG I had as a kid.
  8. Greg Connor

    ‘61 Reissue Temptation

    The ‘57s would be the main reason to buy the Reissue. I have a Kirk Douglas SG with three 57s. Every time I play the guitar I’m reminded how great they sound
  9. Greg Connor

    ‘61 Reissue Temptation

    This ‘61 Reissue was made in 2011. It’s fun to think about providing a new home, but I have 4 SGs already, no reissues though.
  10. Greg Connor

    ‘61 Reissue Temptation

    Thanks guys! Temptation is a powerful thing.
  11. Greg Connor

    ‘61 Reissue Temptation

    I noticed a used 61 Reissue for sale locally. I REALLY don’t need another guitar, but it’s such a pretty thing, I need to at least try to justify it. What are the differences between a ‘61 Reissue and a Standard? 57 Classic PICKUPS vs 490’s. What else?
  12. Greg Connor

    Thinking of getting a second SG

    I wish I had kept my first SG. It was a ‘67 (I think). Bought new somewhere around my 15th birthday. Now, I STILL only have one wife but 4 SG’s. Variety . . . It will keep you smiling! :rofl:
  13. Greg Connor

    Here's The Problem

    Unfortunately I use them all during the GREAT monthly rotation. I can’t sell a single one. I’ve never been a golfer, and I think this is why. Someone mentioned “no room for chicks” in the truck That might be my fatal flaw, although it makes my wife happy.
  14. Greg Connor

    Here's The Problem

    Why is it ALWAYS me?
  15. Greg Connor

    Here's The Problem

  16. Greg Connor

    Here's The Problem

  17. Greg Connor

    Your dream SG?

  18. Greg Connor

    Your dream SG? My Kirk Douglas is probably my Holy Grail SG. It’s a replica of a ‘69 Custom (I think). My first SG was a Walnut with single coil white pickups and pickguard. I think I like them all.
  19. Greg Connor

    Standard, Special or Vintage?

    I had a Rickenbacker 360 12 string that I had a love hate relationship with. The love side of it was the sound and the pencil neck was the other side. We finally parted when I fell in love with a Martin D28 with shaded top. The Martin and I are still living happily ever after.
  20. Greg Connor

    SG Standard 2000 Limited Edition

    Nice looking SG. I like the pickguard. It looks as though you have really stripped the guitar down and built it back up into perfection.