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  1. fishlog

    Replacement pickups

    Third here... I was scratching my head.
  2. fishlog

    SD Antiquity JB for SG Bridge???

    Last discussion I see on here about using a JB on here is from 2016. Any new experiences out there? Opinions seem pretty divided out there.
  3. fishlog

    2019 SG Special neck vs ‘61 SG Standard

    I had that same Pelham blue SG and felt it had a wider flatter neck than my 2017 standard. Got another special on the way curious now how much they’ll be the same or different.
  4. fishlog

    Happy birthday to my one and only SG

    Hey better late than never!
  5. fishlog

    Could use some help identifying this weird SG

    2019 SG special. One of the Pelham blue ones. After bringing it up from the dungeon I play in I do see some weeks grain to it.
  6. fishlog

    Could use some help identifying this weird SG

    Curious about that fret board now... I have an SG with a VERY dark black fret board. Specs all say rosewood but there are no grains or anything to be seen. Would they actually make that kind of mistake at the factory?
  7. fishlog

    Best years for a reliable & quality SG Special?

    Just an interesting comparison to show no two guitars are a like even from the same year... I happen to have two 2019 Gibson SG Specials in faded Pelham blue. Long story. Both excellent guitars but both have strength and weaknesses. One is noticeably thicker by about an 8th of an inch and is...
  8. fishlog

    Would you guys be satisfied with this light of a fretboard?

    Maybe it was just really dry? Apply a second application of that oil if it looks dry. I just bought a guitar and it came to me with a pretty dry fret board. What I did was or do every time really is apply the oil, rub it in a little gently just using my finger, then I let it sit for about an...
  9. fishlog

    NGD. The best $1095 I’ve even spent for a guitar

    Agreed my I’ve had a 2019 61’ standard and currently a 2019 SG special which to me feels about as close to a custom shop as I’ll ever get.
  10. fishlog

    Gibson SG Junior 2019

    I love the looks of the Jr... But I just can't get away from not having a neck pup. Thus I have a special. Unbelievable how yes it holds its own against a LP.
  11. fishlog

    2007 Gibson SG standard ‘61 reissue (possible GOTW content)

    It's not that the neck is going to break off or anything it's just not supported so any pressure sends it sharp... For example with my 2019 61 SG I did the following: With a tuner tune your low E. Without holding or touching the neck. Make sure to use a tuner. Once it's perfect, not sharp or...
  12. fishlog

    got it bad for Pelham blue

    SG Special by fishlog posted Apr 24, 2020 at 12:10 PMSG P902 by fishlog posted Apr 24, 2020 at 12:10 PMSG P90 by fishlog posted Apr 24, 2020 at 12:10 PM Probably my favorite guitar although I've come close to selling it... WTH am I thinking!
  13. fishlog

    2007 Gibson SG standard ‘61 reissue (possible GOTW content)

    The color on the 61 is great... That's a plus as you don't as many. While the 61 neck joint looks sexy as all HEEeelll watch out for the neck flex. If the standard has the higher neck heel that neck flex should be much less or non-existent.
  14. fishlog

    Another new Junior

    Ugh... Thought my GAS had passed on these...
  15. fishlog

    Was offered a trade

    These are limited editions? They seem to be everywhere right now but either way its a killer guitar and I'm really happy to own one.
  16. fishlog

    Was offered a trade

    Yeah not a good trade... I have the same special, 2019 in faded pelham blue and I think I scored a good deal getting at like $1100. These things fetch top dollar. Standards are easily found for under $1000. they go for criminally low prices sometimes. Just look on Reverb to gage pricing.
  17. fishlog

    after playing my SG for an hour or so

    Had this guy since about January end of December... Think I got it January 3rd. Its been my baby and some nights I get sick of changing its diapers or keeping me awake all night but most nights its pure joy. SG Special by fishlog posted Apr 24, 2020 at 12:10 PM It's the slight neck flex that...
  18. fishlog

    Pickup Screws?

    I had a pick guard screw that had been taken in and out a few to many times and would eventually fall out... I took a tooth pick and screwed it together with the screw. Did the trick.
  19. fishlog

    Pickup Screws?

    Wow that's weird! So it's tightening then? Is there any resistance when tightening?