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  1. Greg Connor

    Roller Bridge for Vibrola / Vibrato

    I just replaced a bridge with a Roller Bridge on my Gretsch with Bigsby. Now I’m thinking about getting a Roller Bridge for my SG with vibrato. Anyone here have experience with Roller Bridges?
  2. Greg Connor

    ‘61 Reissue Temptation

    I noticed a used 61 Reissue for sale locally. I REALLY don’t need another guitar, but it’s such a pretty thing, I need to at least try to justify it. What are the differences between a ‘61 Reissue and a Standard? 57 Classic PICKUPS vs 490’s. What else?
  3. Greg Connor

    Here's The Problem

  4. Greg Connor

    The Family

    It seems my photo album has been lost forever during the "upgrade", so here is a picture of the Family.
  5. Greg Connor

    Photo Gallery?

    I seem to have lost my photos. Did we all loose our photos?
  6. Greg Connor

    Tone Settings

    What tone settings are you using? I've been trying to find a decent sound at low volumes on a Roland Cube 40. My SG has been sounding a little muddy. I'm looking for a little more sparkle and clarity. Right now I'm getting a little happier with 2 / 10 / 2 I'm just curious how you are setting...
  7. Greg Connor

    NGD / Gibson Les Paul Studio

    I just bought this Les Paul last Friday night. It's a 2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio (Faded) model in Walnut. Any idea what kind of pickups are in here? They sound good !!!
  8. Greg Connor

    Dear Santa . . . . .

    Dear Santa . . . . . .
  9. Greg Connor

    Set Ups

    I just read a comment by Col Mustard stating the importance of a good set up by a luthier. How true! It makes all the difference. Here is a story: I bought a Gibson Hummingbird from an older lady about 2 years ago. She never played it because it wasn't set up. She got frustrated and bought...
  10. Greg Connor

    Refinish . . . Is that a bad word?

    I had this beautiful instrument refinished about two years ago, bringing it back to new condition. I just offered it for sale on Craigslist, only to find that the word "Refinished" is like a bastard red haired child. What's your opinion? I've seen a few refinished guitars on here and they're...
  11. Greg Connor

    New Toy for very little Money

    You certainly can get your money's worth with Epiphone. I spent almost two hours today playing this guitar and my new Gibson Kirk Douglas SG. Yes . . . the Kirk Douglas is better, but this Epiphone G-400 Custom is a lot of spank for the money. I bought it used from Craigslist yesterday...
  12. Greg Connor

    SG . . . Big Thumper

    Does anyone like the SG Bass? Here is mine:
  13. Greg Connor

    Abalone Inlays

    Does anyone know where to find Abalone Inlays for an SG Standard? I just checked Stewart MacDonald . . . No Luck. I understand that some fit better than others, so I'm looking for a reputable source.
  14. Greg Connor

    Gibson SG stock pickups

    Survey: What are your favorite stock SG pickups? I thought it was 490's until my latest purchase, an SG with three 57's, w/coil tap.
  15. Greg Connor

    Yamaha THR10C . . . . New Toy

    I just bought this Yamaha THR10C. What a riot! It's the size of my Dad's old lunch pail. It's not very loud, but the tones are incredible. Perfect for recording. Yamaha THR10C Andertons Exclusive!! "Classic Blues" Electric Guitar Amp - YouTube
  16. Greg Connor

    Truss Rod Tweak // Tis the Season

    It's been cold around here, and I'm noticing the need for my Semi Annual ritual. I just tweaked the truss rod on my newest SG this morning . . . Nirvana Again! And just like BrylCreem, "a little dab will do you" Does anyone else go through this ritual?
  17. Greg Connor

    Any Poets around here? SG Christmas

    I'll get us started SG Christmas . What are Santa’s plans for me Is it a new SG beneath the tree Or pickups coming straight from Heaven Like the classic sound of 57’s . My secret Santa wish I’m hiding Is have one more SG than Bidden Or have a pickguard made of wood...
  18. Greg Connor

    Esp ltd ???

    What is the story behind ESP guitars? I just bought one, an EC-256, on a close out sale. Are they any good? This one feels like it plays pretty good, and the pickups sound OK too. Does any one have an opinion?
  19. Greg Connor

    Same Guitar, Same Amp, Different Tone

    Anybody have this happen, where the tone just isn't there? I love my SG but it was misbehaving the other night. I just couldn't dial it in.
  20. Greg Connor


    I've been procrastinating for weeks and finally got the wrench out to adjust the truss rod. 1/8 turn and NIRVANA Yes Sir . . . that's my baby! Any other procrastinators out there?