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  1. Carrion

    Not Payin' $45 .. fer a tip ...

    not sure whats up with the "orange switch tips " Gibson figures $45 per tip ... not playin' .. I constructed this custom tip using orange "bowling Ball blank, fer pens n stuff. looks nice, and retains the pearloid shimmer !! winning !! haha
  2. Carrion

    EPI 'INSPIRED BY ' SG Standard - Minty Goodness

    Loving my new 2020 Epi SG Standard in Alpine White .. But the Black "Bat Wing" pickguard seemed .. um .. stark to me .. brash .. So got a blank Mint Guard and created a new Mint Bat Wing for the Alpine White .. Includes back cover as well.. I am blown away by the over all look improvement ...
  3. Carrion

    WHITE Binding Madness

    Show some love for the wonderful White binding match of the 2017/18 units !! My 2018 Gibson Standard '61 Somethang !! ' haha in Ebony. She has the greatest White (binding) on White trim ( and nut !!) I think this is a striking combo for an already awesome guitar :) I know that other models...