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    1997 Orville SG

    Seriously considering pulling the trigger Any owners here? I am most interested in the neck profile if anyone has any experience? Thanks
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    What can you tell me about this old Gibson? Seller claims it's 1972 What else can you tell me about it? It appears to have black binding with white side dots Is the price right? Thank u A.
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    ESP Viper & GUILD Polara

    Any love or hate for these two models? Are they really improvements over the original design? Thanks
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    Testing an SG

    I have a friend who's, you could say a veteran in the touring bussines. Nowadays he does other stuff and owns an amazing collection of guitars.Old stuff. I came over to his house one day and he was pulling cases from all around the house, I thought I was in heaven. So, comes this 71 sg and...
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    Neck thickness and neck profile.

    If one wanted to buy a new SG a thicker neck profile, wich one would it b? Supreme, Special, AY etc?!?!?!?! Also, since u guyz have a lot of xperience on SG's,could you maybe make a list of neck profiles used from the very begining up till now? You know, just to have it all in one place, so...
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    What r my options?

    I just realised I dont like SG's with the big pickguard(std,) I prefer the look of a small p-guard, as in 61 reissue.But, If I want to get an SG with a small guard, maybe used, two hummers. What would be my best choice for the $? a.
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    Balance, weight and sabillity

    I tried a lot of SG's over the years and most of them had this little problem in common:they were neck heavy. Is thre a way to sort this out without adding weight to the body? One of the sg's I tried was mid 60's and it had the thicker pronlemo there. How did you deal with the...