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  1. Russell Rubman

    My Gibson SG Monkey Repro

    So I knew that the $25,000 Limited Monkey was going to be a bridge too far for me and so I started about making my own reproduction. Little did I know that Gibson was going to drop a more affordable Monkey tribute just recently....DOH! Anyway, I believe that mine has a more special ingredient...
  2. Russell Rubman

    Wraparound tailpiece

    Hi all, I have a Gibson 60s faded cherry SG and I want to switch out the bridge for a wraparound tailpiece. I’m doing a Tony Iommi tribute guitar so I have a repro Leo Quan badass bridge that I want to purchase for it. The description in the ad says the following: The bridge is supplied with 8...
  3. Russell Rubman

    Need some help with a Cabinet Rating - What do I order?

    I have the Orange Rocker 15 Terror now and I want to buy two 12" Celestion speaker cabs for it. The amp has both 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm outputs. If I am using one cab then the speaker is just 8 Ohms I guess and good to go...right? If I add on the second cab does that drop the output to 4 Ohms per cab...
  4. Russell Rubman

    Buyer beware

    As the moderators here never responded about this or banned the user I am letting all of you know. Recently I posted a want ad for a Schaller 456 bridge. I was contacted by "Rowe8" here, who called himself James and gave me an e-mail for his friend of [email protected] He told me that...
  5. Russell Rubman

    WTB: Schaller 456 Bridge

    Like the headline says. Looking for a NOS or very clean used one, Anyone holding? Message me here or email to [email protected]
  6. Russell Rubman

    Small amp for unleashing the Sabbath terror!

    Hey all! So I finally (mostly) assembled a Tony Iommi SG Monkey tribute and the requisite pedals to absolutely NAIL that early Sabbath tone. The next challenge is finding the right amp. I have a wife with a bum ear so I mostly practice with headphones but I'd like to buy a small amp with...
  7. Russell Rubman

    Tony Iommi Tribute SG

    Hi all, First time poster here. Nice to meet you! I have played Gibsons for many years but lately I have been digging into the great Mr. Iommi's riffs and, so, have decided to get a tribute guitar together. Not necessarily the monkey variety but a nice black SG standard with steel cross inlays...