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  1. Dave_11

    Wiring harness/kit for MIK SG ???

    I just bought a MIK SG that has disintegrating electronics so I want to put in all new. Can anyone comment on this kit? I was looking at this kit, but the above is all prewired for only $10 more Do the knobs on these...
  2. Dave_11

    Does this look legit? MIK SG

    I was thinking about making an offer on this, but I want to be sure it's what I think it is. Looks like a 1996 MIK SG. The description is a copy/paste from the Sam Ash website for the Ep 60s SG. The tuners on this guitar are unmarked, except for one that is a Gibson Deluxe. Also, in the pic...
  3. Dave_11

    Any ideas what this model is?

    Faded? but the neck binding is cream on this one Vintage? but the pineapple looks silver in stead of gold Does it have a laminated top? hard to tell from the pic Something else? Am I missing something?
  4. Dave_11

    What Epiphone SG has these features?

    Can anyone tell me the model and appx year of an Epiphone SG with the following features? Worn (faded) finish Bound fretboard Trapazoid inlays Grover Rotomatic tuners Small early 60s pickguard Chrome pickup covers Vintage yellow switch tip I've found models that have almost all of those...
  5. Dave_11

    Spec list for Faded, Tribute, Special, SGJ, etc???

    I'm thinking of buying my first SG and am interested in a used Faded, Tribute, or Special series. I have read on this forum that some have grain filler, some have maple necks vs mahogany, etc. Is there a definitive guide anywhere that lists the specs, changes, and differences between these...