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  1. Kevin James

    New camera.....New Vintage SG pics!

    Got a new camera recently and was messing around with it yesterday. Thought I'd post a few new pics of a few of my babies.
  2. Kevin James

    For Sale: 1977 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Another guitar I have decided to let go. There isn't much to say about this 1977 Les Paul Standard other than it is 100% original with zero issues whatsoever in what I would call 9 out of 10 condition. It has a 3 piece top with some mild figuring on the center piece which is cool. In the mid...
  3. Kevin James

    NVGD! 1964 Gibson SG Standard

    Thanks to the wonderful Gil Southworth, I am now the happy owner of this beautiful 1964 SG Standard apptly named "The Magic Marker". I will call her Maggie for short. OK, if you want to get super technical it's actually a very early 65 in serial number only but with 100% 64 Specs (and 64 dated...
  4. Kevin James

    For Sale: 1965 Gibson SG Standard

    I have decided to let this guitar go. Not interested in Trades, this is a cash sale only. It’s a 1965 Gibson SG Standard. This guitar has a great combination of early 60’s features and late 60’s features only available together from late 1965 to early 1966 which is very cool. The guitar plays...
  5. Kevin James

    Vintage SG porn

    Sorry in advance for the crappy cell phone pics, but its all I have to use at the moment. Anyways, took a few pics today and thought I'd share them. Mostly family pics of my stable of vintage SG's and a couple with a nice 75 V thrown in. The standards... 1965, 1962 Ebony Block and 1961 The...
  6. Kevin James

    Let's see your vintage SG!

    I'll start. Here's my main baby... and a couple of her friends :D
  7. Kevin James

    Yay!!! We have a Vintage SG Section :D

    Thanks Alex :D
  8. Kevin James

    1967 SG Special Player just like Pete Townsend's

    I just pulled the trigger on another guitar so I'm going to let this one go. Make no mistake, this is a player thanks to a previous owner who shot the collector value to sh*t years ago. It will be priced to reflect that though at roughly $1,900 OBO(clean they for $3000 - $3500). Now to the...
  9. Kevin James

    FS Feeler: 1965 Gibson SG Standard

    Been thinking about selling this guitar for a little while and thought I’d see what kind of interest there is in it and what kind of offers I get. NOT interested in Trades though, already got my eye on something. It’s a 1965 Gibson SG Standard. This guitar is a late 65 with the 1 9/16” nut...
  10. Kevin James

    Some new pictures of my 62 Ebony Block

    Yesterday was the first sunny weekend day since I got this guitar so I decided to take the opportunity to take some nice pictures of it in natural sunlight. Except for 1 changed bridge saddle and a replaced plastic switch tip she is an all original near mint condition 1962 Les paul SG Standard...
  11. Kevin James

    Vintage SG Section

    Great site! I was surprised and a little disapointed though that for a site dedicated soley to SG's there is no section specifically for VINTAGE Les Paul/SG's made between 1960 and 1969. I think this would be a great addition as this is where the SG began and without these classics there would...
  12. Kevin James

    Hello from California!

    Hi everyone. Newbie to the forum, but not to Gibson SG's! I've been playing guitar since I was 5 (35 now) but I took a break for about 10 years in 2001 as life took me in a different direction. During the 90's I really started building my collection of guitars and by 2001 when I took a break...