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  1. Tim D.


  2. Tim D.

    NGD: 2012 GC Exclusive

    Picked this up yesterday! 2012 Guitar Center exclusive. Vintage Cherry, BB1 and BB3 with push/pull volume pots.
  3. Tim D.

    NGD! Historic Custom Shop 61’ (looking for correct tone knob)

    Hey All, I recently purchased this 2010 Custom Shop 61’! She’s a real beauty as the Pelham Blue is just starting to get a greenish tint from the aging nitro. One of the knobs was busted a little so I went on a search for the replacement. I couldn’t find a Gibson branded replacement with the...
  4. Tim D.

    Should I Repair or Not? AY Thunderstruck

    Hey Guys, I have an AY Thunderstruck that is in excellent condition except for a chip in the finish but not into the wood and a couple of cable dents to the lacquer. I bought this as a playable investment and would like to know your thoughts: If I have this chip professionally repaired by a...
  5. Tim D.

    Grounding issue puzzle?

    I picked up a used SG Modern and did a deep cleaning (removing bridge and tail piece post as part of the strip down). It’s all back together with a fresh set up, plays like a dream with one exception. When the neck pickup is in single coil mode (coil split by pulling up on the neck volume knob)...
  6. Tim D.

    2013 Gibson SG Deluxe Lime Burst

    Case Queen Alert! 2013 Gibson SG Deluxe, Limeburst in color and MINT condition. 3 ‘57 Classic pickups with Gibson’s unique Togpot pickup switch allows you to literally dial in how much of the middle pickup you want in the mix. A Bigsby tremolo compliments the package. The only imperfections...
  7. Tim D.

    2019 Gibson SG Modern Blueberry Burst

    Case Queen Alert! 2019 Gibson SG Modern in gorgeous Blueberry Burst. It’s in Mint condition! Comes with case, all documentation and case Candy including strap and multi-tool. Please PM me for additional pics as the rules say only to post 1 picture. $1850 shipped in CONUS. A New SG For Modern...
  8. Tim D.

    How many is too many?

    Thought I would take a commemorative picture before I start to thin the collection. I love em all for different reasons!
  9. Tim D.

    Please Delete *Found*

    Looking for a 57 neck pickup that I can use with PCB board. Thanks
  10. Tim D.

    NGD: 2013 SG Deluxe Lime Burst

    Ok so the Lime Burst is definitely different but I’m loving this guitar. I did a little trading for a mint condition 2013 SG Deluxe, it has 3 ‘57 Classics with a Togpot switch that works just like a normal selector but you can twist the switch tip to add in the middle pickup to any position. The...
  11. Tim D.

    NGD 2013 Angus Young “Thunderstruck”

    After a brief search, I purchased this beauty. A good cleaning, string change and set up makes a world of difference. These are getting scarce and seem to get snapped up as soon as they are listed. Wish I had bought one new when they were at the dealers. Would have costs me a lot less. Great...
  12. Tim D.

    Found!! Please delete.

    Hey all looking for a Angus Young “Thunderstruck” SG. I would prefer the Aged Cherry but not being too picky for the right price. Just seeing what’s out there. Thanks in advance.
  13. Tim D.

    NGD!!! Gibson SG Custom Shop M2M

    Picked up this beauty today!!! 2015 M2M Pelham Blue, ‘57 Classics with push/pull tone pots for coil-splitting, Maestro plate for looks and balance, chrome pickup rings and vintage Gibson deluxe tuners. Not a mark on her, plays and sounds amazing! Lucky Me!