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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Old pic, but it’s a tie between these two.
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    How many of you have spouse/partner that feed your GAS?

    My wife bought me my first Les Paul. She was cool about transforming our living room into the below music room.
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    Hello from South Jersey

    Welcome from Hunterdon County NJ.
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    2b or not to 2B

    I have a bicycle riding buddy who disappeared from the ranks for a year. Turns out he had Cancer and underwent chemo and radiation. Now he’s back on the bike and riding strong. You can beat it. Hang tough.
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    Simple Question and Poll

    I've said it before and will repeat it now. I have degrees in English and Political Science. Now I frequent forums where grammar is optional and political discussion is forbidden. I have no problem with that reality. I come here for guitar related information, knowledge and fun. I confess that I...
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    Simple Question and Poll

    I know because I’ve been party to conversations with people who I thought quite brilliant in analysis and thereafter read writings from same that were grammatically lacking. Perhaps you are correct in that it is unwilling vs unable. But, your original text seemed to ask if we could judge a book...
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    Simple Question and Poll

    Some of the deepest, sharpest most focused thinkers I know are unable to write a grammatically correct sentence. If you applied the rules of grammar and/or spelling to Twain’s writings, you would conclude he is a sloppy thinker. I know much, if not all, of Twain’s grammatical license was...
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    Some SGs and Les Pauls

    I’d hate to be you and have to make that decision every day. Very nice collection.
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    White Room Classic Rock Band Rahway NJ

    Tuesday nights are tough for me, but I’ll try to make it.
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    Why Complain About Guitar Prices

    Complaining is an art form and a past time. Consider complaining about your boss. No matter how high up the ladder one climbs, one complains about the boss. It’s expected. It’s meaningless and changes nothing. But we have always done it and likely always will. If no one is willing to buy a...
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    Before "vintage", they were just used guitars.

    You missed a marketing step. In reverse order: Vintage, Pre-Owned and finally Used.
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    donepearse, Well don’t stop there. Reveal! Be the enabler we expect on these sites.
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    I was never a car guy. Many of my friends are. The only car I every really wanted was a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. That’s what I’m driving now and love it despite it’s many flaws. Having said that, my one buddy is in a new Porsche 718 Cayman that looks sweet. It caught my attention. Wife says get it...
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    The SG, possibly one of the most (if not the most) comfortable guitar to play.

    I’m now comfortable playing my SG. I only play practice standing up. It’s certainly the lightest electric I own. It has the best upper fret access of all my guitars. When I first got it I hated it. Mild neck dive. Sticky neck. I felt like I had to extend my fretting arm out fully to reach the...
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    Your dream SG?

    I no longer dream about acquiring gear. Now I dream about acquiring talent. Alas, despite hours of practice daily, it remains a dream.
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    Coronavirus (Covid-19) affecting you any?

    Yes, I’m a bit of a gym rat. Gym is now closed. I do law enforcement and mental health worker training. Classes have been cancelled as has my pay for conducting the training.
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    SG players that made you choose the SG

    Billy Pisano. You never heard of him because he was a childhood friend. I had a no name guitar and amp from the local store where we poor people shopped. He had an SG. He let me play it. I never forgot. Fast forward into my 50’s and I’m not a poor kid anymore. So I bought an SG. Tony and Angus who?
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    How do they know when you're going to sell them?

    I have a 61 Reissue SG and Gretsch Broadkaster that haven’t gotten playing time in 6 months. I know it’s time to sell them. I simply hate the actual process of selling.
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    Coil splitting,useful or not?

    I voted rarely. I’m not being facetious, but it depends on the day. Sometimes I say eh, other times I say yeah that’s the sound. My only current splittable guitar is a PRS 594.
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    Hello from NJ

    Grats on the new SG. Welcome from Hunterdon County, NJ.