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    Long thread on the GearPage about SG's "flawed" design. Anyone else see it?

    I have a rant for every predictable complaint or criticism. "tHe nEcK iS wObBlY!" Uhh, why are you putting forward/backward pressure on the neck at all while playing? It's a guitar, not a baseball bat. If Angus Young can flail around on the floor and jump off amps while staying in tune, the...
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    '21/'22 Standard vs. Standard '61 Frets

    There shouldn't be any difference. Gibson always uses Dunlop Medium-Jumbo frets unless otherwise specified. The only thing that might affect it would be the Plekking process. I'd say it's more likely a difference in action and/or neck relief that you're feeling.
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    T-tops or PAF

    T-Tops for sure. PAFs don't have the patent number on them.
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    Why are new SG Standards up in price?

    I think you're both saying more or less the same thing but in different ways. I've heard similar stories about automotive parts suppliers. Similar ones as well from suppliers to big box stores like Walmart. Any situation where you have a highly consolidated market of buyers, they end up...
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    Why are new SG Standards up in price?

    Generally, increases hit the lower priced models more. Higher priced models have a bigger profit margin to absorb increases in costs. But it can also be a factor of different materials needed to build one model versus another. If Maple costs more, but Mahogany stays the same, it would make only...
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    Why are new SG Standards up in price?

    Generally speaking, if you simply adjust for inflation, the price of Gibsons has historically been pretty consistent. There are some upticks and lows here and there, and you happened to pick one of those aberrational lows in 2016. Seeing as that was the first year they split the lineup into HP...
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    NGD 2008 Gibson Historic Custom SG ‘61 Reissue

    Congrats! I love my historic, it's one of those guitars you keep for life. Slight correction on the specs: Honduran Mahogany. African Mahogany is more stripey, and it's what Japanese manufacturers like to use.
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    What is a “Standard T” SG?

    Cherry Burst was a standard color option for the 2017 Standard Traditional.
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    Murphy Lab Finish Question - Use of Poly - Custom Shop SG Junior

    Gibson had done a few Pelham Blue runs since 2017 so the market might have been saturated by 2020. I'm no painting expert, but I believe you're supposed to to let the color coat cure before doing the clearcoat. That could cause them to not bond, I'd wager. But I also recall there being finish...
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    Murphy Lab Finish Question - Use of Poly - Custom Shop SG Junior

    That's a Gibson? Lacquer doesn't usually crack like that. Where did you hear that the color coat is polyurethane?
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    New to forums, and would like a bit of help dating a late 60's/early 70's dark walnut finish SG

    The pots codes match everything else, so I think we can confirm this is a late 1970 or early 1971 model. It doesn't yet have the 1971 style universal pickup routing. Here's all the info I've gathered:
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    Let’s see some Pelham Blue SG’s

    All of these things are typical of Historic SGs. And you're wrong about the neck being set at the wrong angle. The bridge is not "falling off the studs" at all.
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    Can Anybody Identify this Vintage SG?

    Yep, definitely a '73. Early to mid 1973 based on the Gibson font, the narrower headstock and bound RW fretboard. It's in very nice shape, too.
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    FGN DC-10 "SG Style" Guitars made by Fujigen/Japan

    Very cool. I'd probably agree on the pickups, Alnico 8 must be really bright. And good to know they were only sold in the EU, I'll be adding these to the SG Wiki eventually. I've only just started on japanese copies.
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    Help Identifying Gibson SG

    1969-1970 had a full size headstock, but it was never painted black like the Junior.
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    HELP! 2012 Gibson SG 61 Re-Issue Worn Brown

    You're probably looking at sellers' asking prices. Just because sellers are asking the moon for everything doesn't mean that's actually what they're worth. Most of the guitars you see on Reverb have been sitting unsold for months upon years because the sellers somehow think they can sell any...
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    First Gibson SG , 05 , pics.

    Wow, that really is faded! I love it. Would be neat to see a pic of under the pickguard. These were a 2005-2007 limited run that never had any officially stated production limit that I could find...
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    Suggestions, experiences with adding Vibrato Bridge?

    Good point, those were equipped from the factory on the SG CM Black in 2016, and it looks like it would cover the holes.
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    Suggestions, experiences with adding Vibrato Bridge?

    It may be tough to find a vibrato that is both large enough to cover the bridge and tailpiece holes, and shallow enough to mount on an SG's thin body. A Kahler Flyer will definitely fit the body as shown above, but I don't think it would cover the holes.
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    any SG modern owners?

    Juan, I think you've had too many.