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  1. Oil_slick9416

    NGD: Lefty Gibson SG Standard

    Hey all, long time no post here! I got my first SG back in 2012 when I was in University and unfortunately had to sell it for financial reasons a few years later. Fast forward to this week and I got my second SG and first since 2012. This one is a 2021 model according to the serial number. The...
  2. Oil_slick9416

    Quick Princeton reverb RI question

    I have some JJ 6v6s laying around and a jj ecc83, can do a direct swap from the stock tubes to the JJs i have? I tried ,but got cracking sounds. in JJ ecc83 would go in V1
  3. Oil_slick9416

    BlackStar HT5H and Crate v212b help

    I recently purchased a secondhand crate v212B 2x12 cabinet and blackstar HT5H head, it is my first head and cab set up and I've noticed a hissy/fizz sound coming out the cabinet when on the on clean channel under the sound of the guitar (more noticeable when palm muting, I was wondering if...
  4. Oil_slick9416

    2012 pancake body?

    hey, I bought a lefty Gibson SG standard in December and looked under the hood and found what looks to be a multipiece layers body, is this possible? or is there another explanation for this?

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