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  1. smitty_p

    NGD: A Little Gretsch Sweetness

    So, apparently I'm into falconry now...White Falconry, that is. It seems I had a birthday last week and this little sweetheart came flying into the coop! It plays like a dream and the FilterTrons sound amazing.
  2. smitty_p

    Who I think of When I Think About SG players

    A lot of folks immediately think of Angus Young or Tony Iommi when they think of SG players. I think of Eric Johnson:
  3. smitty_p

    Metal Versions of Non-Metal Songs

    This guy is pretty funny. He does metal versions of non-metal songs. Though, he does remakes of some songs that are pretty straight-up rock songs. Anyway, he does all the instruments and vocals. Here are a few of the more humorous ones: Perhaps my favorite I've seen him do:
  4. smitty_p

    Hardest Songs to Play on Guitar?

    Watch and comment. Whatcha think?
  5. smitty_p

    Lady Dies from an Accident In Front of My House.

    This past Sunday evening a lady had a serious motorcycle accident directly across the street from my house. She actually died the next day in the hospital, but the accident that killed her occurred not 100 feet from my house. She ran her Harley into a power pole and flew/tumbled about fifty...
  6. smitty_p

    Funniest Moments in Television

    I hardly watch television, anymore. But, this one goes way back to the old Carol Burnett Show. The backstory is that Tim Conway told a different elephant story during the actual taping of the show than what the cast had heard during dress rehearsal. So, this is their first time hearing it...
  7. smitty_p

    My local music store is declining...sad

    So, I stopped into the local music store where I always shop to pick up a rack-type guitar stand today. It's in a state of decline. The manager they hired a couple of years ago left. He was a high-energy guy who was really making headway to bring in good product. Before him, their pedal...
  8. smitty_p

    Anyone play a Marshall DSL-401C?

    So, the title says it. I played one years ago and liked it, but it was a quick music store try-out. I'm wondering if anyone has one. I'd like to get your impressions of it.
  9. smitty_p

    Spinal Tap - before and after (sorta)

    So, we've all heard of Spinal Tap. The primary lineup consisted of Nigel Tufnel (Christopher Guest) on lead guitar, Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer) on bass, and David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar. Here's a brief peek, to remind and entertain you: So far, so...
  10. smitty_p

    Now, HERE'S a piece of history...

    Today, the whole family went to an 1812 fair and battle re-enactment. There were a lot of cool displays and exhibits, including a couple of blacksmiths doing demonstrations. I met this wonderful gentleman who was playing some period songs, though not with an 1812 era guitar. As you may...
  11. smitty_p

    So...I gotta ask...

    I ran across this video. It sounds cool, and all, but I gotta ask... Are there people who actually drink gin? Just askin'. At 4:35 - 4:36, Ace looks like he has just sampled some!
  12. smitty_p

    We're puttin' the band back together...sorta, maybe...

    So, I haven't been in the gigging band for awhile. I've been playing other venues. But, I got an email from the female vocalist/keyboardist from the old band asking me if I'd play for a short, 40 minute gig next month with the rest of the old team. Well....SURE!!! It didn't take a...
  13. smitty_p

    Rockabilly Rocks!

    Seriously... How can you not like music with songs about cars!
  14. smitty_p

    I'm guessing that wasn't supposed to happen...

    I'm no expert, but I'm guessing this is a problem...
  15. smitty_p

    Things I Learned Playing Golf (or, Musings of a Newb)

    So, last weekend was my first attempt in my life at playing golf - or "Cow-Pasture Pool," as I call it. Aside from using a putter at the mini-putt, I have never even held a golf club. I also think a golf ball would be great to use in Death Match Ping Pong! Anyhoo, my son invited me down to...
  16. smitty_p

    For the Orange Amp fans

    I ran across this and thought of all you Orange amp fans. I know it's not rock, but, seriously...Tina is the queen of female vocalists. Okay, maybe Aretha and her share thrones...yeah, Aretha is vocal royalty, too. Anyway, enjoy!
  17. smitty_p

    Washburn VGA 30 Amp. Anyone Interested?

    Hi all. This amp is not on ebay, yet. But, it will be soon. This is a Washburn VGA 30 amplifier. It belongs to a friend of mine who will put it on eBay in the next week, or so. I will post a link to the auction when he does. I am posting this now with his permission to generate a little...
  18. smitty_p

    The Stratocaster Thread

    So, we've had Telecaster threads, and that's cool! But, how about a Stratocaster thread? You can't hide from Agent Smitty! I know you got 'em. Let's see those Strats! Here's mine: Here's my son's:
  19. smitty_p

    New Toys! NAPTD

    It's New Air-Powered Tool Day! Something is comin' apart, Baby! Something is comin' apart!
  20. smitty_p

    French Toast Vs. Pancakes

    Alrighty, in another thread we're discussing Gibson vs. Epiphone. I think we should discuss something that really which is better: French toast or pancakes! Step up and vote, boys and girls. Breakfast is depending on YOU!

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