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  1. dasherf17

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    ...all this...and not a blinkin' picture of it...>sigh<
  2. dasherf17

    SG Junior -best I've played

    As a previous owner of a decent playing SG Jr, I would have a hard time doin'it-to-it. Mine was a stitch. It's previous owner strapped a T-Top on ot with electrical tape...I tried to refinish it with ZipStrip and enamel paint...this was back in '72...I learned a lot in the last year and a half...
  3. dasherf17

    I just found out my Sg my have PAFs in it, Can i get some help here?

    Yeah, they did go up a bit, didn't they?
  4. dasherf17

    mystery guitar

    (I was just going to say that until I read the rest...long, hot day in the Twin Towns...) I had a Special someone added a Bigsby to, the one in my av, an old Polaroid I dug up...miss that li'l thing...
  5. dasherf17

    I'm bored - collection pic

    By the by, whadja do to your arm?
  6. dasherf17

    I'm bored - collection pic

    I like what you did with the flame in the upside down neck pickup, ala Greeny/Moore (or, is it the real deal RI?)
  7. dasherf17

    Replacement nut and wiring harness suggestions

    Whayell, my skills ain't purdy, either...I get that, my friend...(just don't let anybody look under the hood!) The important thing is that it works.
  8. dasherf17

    Pickups literally vibrating and feeding back

    I have a humbucker acquired in a box sale awhile ago that has what looks like a ribbon stuck to it around the coils...similar approach?
  9. dasherf17

    1978 SG Standard humbuckers

    Happy Groundhog Day! I loved the name Junkyard Guitars...looked like a great place...looked it up to find it's closed...darn...
  10. dasherf17

    SG build with rock solid neck joint

    I see the supervisor's on hand! Funny, assembling and finishing's my favorite the wiring that gets me...especially when it doesn't work... I read ahead, seeing the finishing was done...any pics of the process before buffing? Wonderful job, Mark!
  11. dasherf17

    SG build with rock solid neck joint

    Nice! Being a similar basement luthier-intern-do-it-m'selfer, if you're making your own neck next, you're more adventurous than wife started me with an LP kit for birthday 2019 and it just blossomed into 5 kit/neck-body builds from various family members since then. My hat's off to you...
  12. dasherf17

    SG Special P90 - Different Tone Knobs

    N Nice, Kyle, just the choices I'd want if I was starting over! Sweet!
  13. dasherf17

    Gibson SG 2017 Standard T - Pelham Blue Lacquer issues

    What time of year did you get it shipped?
  14. dasherf17

    Opportunity to get the vintage SG of my dreams, but...

    If that's the "only" way it would (could, should) happen, I guess that's how it would (should-could) be done, although I haven't done it that way in "many" years... I'd be curious as to what you're sending out to pasture...
  15. dasherf17

    1969 SG?

    Have him ask $1500-$2000 and go from there...use eBay as reference...("hey, eBay's got one for"...even Reverb has one for $2800+...)
  16. dasherf17

    New Guy & NGD

    Good move! I'm not saying the Les Paul wasn't nice, I'm saying the SG is so much nicer...and I'm a 'Paul advocate...had an SG Special, too. I DID have an Ibanez SG in white found at a pawn shop. I liked the look.
  17. dasherf17

    Short vibrola mod on Epi SG Special w/p-90s

    ...oh I do miss my bay-beh...look left...
  18. dasherf17

    NGD :08 Gibson SG Custom in Faded Cherry Gloss w/Maestro

    Omigod, omigod, omigod!!! Love it, love it, love it!!! Nice haul...
  19. dasherf17

    Your Favorite Knob....

    I like mine stock with the occasional speed knob if hot rodding. Editing...I have to revamp that statement...whatever APPEARS stock...and aged...but do NOT give me those crappy red "aged" some REALLY turn red?
  20. dasherf17

    Crazy Serial Number Coincidence...

    ...and THAT, Kids, is the way this year went!

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