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  1. JH1968

    OD pedal question

    I have a question for all the guitar players. I’m having issues with my overdrive tones. I’m using an MXR Sugar Drive for a light/ medium crunch which is great, but every pedal I’ve tried for a heavier overdrive seems to lose presence. So far I’ve tried a Movall Minotaur, a Keely Red Dirt mini,a...
  2. JH1968

    WTT: Various Fender teles, hardtail strat, for electric 12 string

    Like it says in the title. I also have a couple of parts teles to trade. I would prefer a newer Danelectro 12 with the intonation saddles for each string but am open to other modes. Nothing with a laurel fretboard, I hate how they feel. Guitars that I have to trade are Fender US ‘52 Tele RI...
  3. JH1968

    NGD: Gibson SG Special Faded

    I just picked her up off of eBay at a very reasonable price because she came with no pickups. I had the PCB board removed and replaced with an older SG harness I had. Pickups are a set of old DiMarzio’s. Feels great, plays great, and sounds great.
  4. JH1968

    Used Epi SG super cheap at MF

    Quite a deal if you ask me.
  5. JH1968

    Great deal for an Epi SG

    At MF no lees. Tempted to get this.
  6. JH1968

    What is considered vintage? (SG content)

    I was having this discussion earlier today with a friend of mine. I told him how I bought a used 1999 MIM strat cheap a few months ago. I had an 80’s MIJ Squire neck that I preferred over the stock MIM. I ended up selling off the neck, bridge, and pickups for almost the cost of the guitar. He...
  7. JH1968

    NGD: DeArmond S-73 Trans Emerald Green

    This beauty showed up a little while ago. I’ve been looking for one of these green DeArmond for awhile now. So far I’m pretty impressed with it. Pickups sound great and the tuners are very good. The nut appears to be synthetic but I’m not really sure. The only thing I’m going to do is a...
  8. JH1968

    Replacement nut and wiring harness suggestions

    I picked up a SG special or maybe Jr, not sure exactly sure, last week. I was installing a new bridge when. knocked over my drill and it took a chunk out of the nut on the low E side. I was going to have it replaced anyways but there are no repair guys close to me. Does anyone make a direct drop...
  9. JH1968

    Looking for a wraparound bridge for an Epiphone SG jr.

    Title says it all. I just bought it and the bridge on it is too high. This is for an important model. Looking to buy or trade for one. Thanks!

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