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  1. PixMix

    '61 - an actual one

    Great tone form this '61! The band is not quite my age group, but a cool bunch of kids nonetheless. Fast forward to 17:30 and 31:00 for the SG part.
  2. PixMix

    MF Sale: $124.99 Epiphone Limited Edition SG Special-I Electric

    It's a bolt-on neck, gloss finish, comes in three colors. Can't beat the price. $124.99 Epiphone Limited Edition SG Special-I Electric
  3. PixMix

    NGD: 2014 Standard '61

    So, I shuffled some things around, and as a result, I no longer own that pretty SG Special in Vintage Sparkling Burgundy, which played, sounded and looked just great. I own five other (ugh!) P90 guitars, and the Special just seemed a bit redundant. The Special got replaced with a 2014 Standard...
  4. PixMix

    NGD: Vintage Sparkling Burgundy

    So this happened, unplanned. Used, but as new (still plastic on pickguard) SG Special in Vintage Sparkling Burgundy. The color goes from fire red to burgundy depending on light, fine metallic flake. Plays and sounds great. I need to oil that fretboard, it's dry as bone. With the older...
  5. PixMix

    2018 Standard Sale

    AMS has '18 Standards on blowout for another few hours, priced at $1199. Too bad I'm caught up financially in some other obligations.
  6. PixMix

    2019 Les Paul Special Tribute DC

    The single (bridge) pickup version of these juniors have been available for a few months now. Gibson just announced the release of a two-pickup version, and I think I'm sold. I have a soft spot for anything "low end" Gibson, for the lack of better phrase. I know it's not a vintage reissue -...
  7. PixMix

    Fair Price for Elitist SG?

    What say you - keepers of all SG knowledge? What's a good, as in realistic, price for an Epi SG Elitist in very good + condition? There's one currently listed on Reverb for over 1k, a Japanese seller. Similar situation on eBay. I have always wanted an Elitist and never in my life owned an...

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