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  1. Chuck8436

    Who is Your Favorite…

    This forum isnt very active, is it... Mine is Tony Iommi
  2. Chuck8436

    Need to restore 1973 SG custom to former pickup glory - the SG is at the far right.

    Were T-tops still in SGs in 73? Or were they not in Customs? I've seen T-tops in a '79 Explorer and my '71 SG Deluxe, so I'm just making an assumption
  3. Chuck8436


    I actually have noticed that the neck and headstock angles are pretty different, but I hadn't considered the impact that would have on the feel. When I first saw an early 70s SG, I thought it didn't look right, but after a while I started lusting after one. Ha.
  4. Chuck8436


    Thanks! I'm also a fan of the look of the deluxe. Mine also has a very narrow nut width, but the neck itself is decently fat. I have big hands, but I find it so easy to play. It feels natural. The special has a chunky neck too, but the nut width is definitely noticeably wider. I'd say that the...
  5. Chuck8436


    Hello from Texas. I've been a member on another guitar forum for a while. I started over there just asking a question and kind of got hooked after seeing the community there. I really am more of an SG guy, and I decided to finally give this forum a try. So here are my SGs, a 1971 Deluxe and a...

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